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The most important voice to any Senator, Representative, or local legislator is the voice of a constituent. NAMIC advocates work every day in Washington, D.C., and in state capitals across the country to advance the cause of mutual property/casualty insurance, but we need your help to protect our mutual future.

Below, learn how to become involved, whether it is taking 30 seconds to fill out an action alert or even deciding to take to the halls of Congress via the Congressional Contact Program.

Working together, we can protect our industry today and for future generations by educating our representatives on the effects their decisions have on our companies, our policyholders and our industry.


Share Your Connections

Many NAMIC members have connections with elected officials – friendships, political support, business interactions, or shared involvement in the community. By sharing them with NAMIC, you help NAMIC connect friendly faces with the issues affecting the mutual property/casualty insurance industry and help deliver on policies that will allow our industry to flourish.

Share Your Connections

These relationships don’t have to be strong or overly formal; a connection of any kind is a good starting place.


Make Your Voice Heard on Our Top Issues

The easiest, and quickest, way to take action is to email your elected officials about an issue that matters to you. By using NAMIC action alerts, you let them know what matters to their constituents and educate them on that issue.

Visit NAMIC Action Center

Are you a NAMIC member and are concerned about an issue that isn’t listed on the Action Center? CLICK HERE to visit our full issues page and find the primary NAMIC staff contact on your issue of concern.


Visit Capitol Hill – Virtually or in Person

The Congressional Contact Program, or CCP, is the frontline advocacy program for NAMIC members. CCP participants have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their congressional representatives and staff to directly voice their concerns as constituents regarding national legislation and issues that affect the property/casualty insurance industry. There’s no substitute for the constituent interacting with their elected officials and putting a face on a policy debate.

Learn More About CCP

CCP is a fun, valuable experience for NAMIC members. If you are ready to come to Capitol Hill and speak out for our industry, please fill out this form and a NAMIC team member will reach out to you about registration and the date your state is visiting our nation’s Capital– virtually or in person.


NAMIC Member Resources

Register to Vote: The NAMIC Civic Action Center is a tool that enables NAMIC members to register to vote and find important information on how to cast a ballot, whether in person or by mail. It provides clarity on voting options so that on Election Day the mutual property/casualty insurance industry can feel confident that its voice – individually and collectively – will be represented in our nation’s political process. Please CLICK HERE to visit the NAMIC Civic Action Center!

Authorize NAMIC PAC: NAMIC PAC is one of the largest property/casualty corporate trade association political action committees in America. NAMIC PAC exists so NAMIC members and eligible employees can play a vital role in the political process and help shape legislation affecting our industry and your bottom line. CLICK HERE to learn more about how NAMIC PAC is working to elect a more insurance friendly legislators in D.C. and across the country, and how you can get more involved!

Election Bulletins: Get the inside scoop from NAMIC Advocates on how we see elections season playing out by CLICKING HERE, and then come back after election day for the breakdown of the election results and what it means to the mutual property/casualty industry.

Report Back to NAMIC: Did you receive an email from a member of Congress after contacting them through our Civic Action Center? Did your company recognize a local elected official? Did you submit a letter to the editor to your local newspaper? Let NAMIC know by emailing Channing Pejic, Manager of Political Affairs, at


Kristin Eichhorn
Assistant Vice President – Political Involvement Programs



Ryan Gregg
Political Affairs Coordinator