What is the Congressional Contact Program?

NAMIC’s Congressional Contact Program (CCP) is a world-class advocacy operation that is widely known within the insurance world as the industry’s premier grassroots program. CCP is designed to provide our members with the opportunity to personally visit with their congressional representatives and staff to voice their concerns over national legislation and issues that affect the property/casualty insurance industry.

CCP, due to the dedication and participation of NAMIC member companies, the sustained presence on Capitol Hill throughout the year, and the power of our message, has been running strong for the last quarter of a century, now entering into its 35th year. It began back in the mid 1980’s when NAMIC members expressed an interest in forming closer ties with their members of Congress. In the first year of the program only three states participated: Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania. Through the success and effectiveness of this program it has grown to new heights. In 2019, we had members from 32 states and over 130 different member companies participate where they had face-to-face meetings with almost 250 Congressional offices.

There is no substitute for the constituent visit in Washington. It is establishing that contact – that connection with home – that puts a face on an otherwise faceless policy debate. It is the reminder of home that can help our elected officials remember where they come from and the issues facing their constituents on a daily basis.

For more information please contact Kristin Eichhorn, Assistant Vice President of Operations – Government Affairs, at keichhorn@namic.org.


Kristin Eichhorn
Assistant Vice President – Political Involvement Programs



Ryan Gregg
Political Affairs Coordinator