NAMIC Political Action Committee (PAC)

NAMIC PAC is the federal Political Action Committee (PAC) of the National Associational of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC). NAMIC PAC is one of the largest property/casualty corporate trade association political action committees (PAC) in America. NAMIC PAC supports your advocacy efforts by raising money to help elect and re-elect candidates to Congress and state government who support the public policy initiatives that our industry supports.

To learn more about NAMIC PAC please fill out our authorization form or contact Ingrid Gremillion at

To learn more about the PAC, please sign an authorization form.


Jimi Grande
Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs



Kristin Eichhorn
Assistant Vice President – Political Involvement Programs



Ingrid Gremillion
PAC Manager

202.580.6740 x1207