Special Reports

New Disparate Impact Rule Released by HUD

September 4, 2020 The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development officially released its final rule within the last few hours that would amend HUD’s interpretation of how parties can bring discrimination claims under the disparate impact standard... Read more

NAIC Summer National Virtual Meeting Update

August 7, 2020 As we wrap up the second week and enter the home stretch of the NAIC’s 2020 summer meeting, regulators and interested parties alike are successfully overcoming many of the challenges posed by the “virtual” nature of this meeting. The meeting is... Read more

COVID-19 State Advocacy: Business Interruption, Workers’ Compensation Surge Again

May 15, 2020 As we enter the third month of the COVID-19 pandemic, the insurance industry continues to battle through multiple legislative and regulatory challenges in the face of unprecedented economic headwinds. In just the last two weeks, insurers have... Read more

NAIC Special Report

May 6, 2020 As the world continues to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the insurance industry is steering its way into month three of the ongoing regulatory response of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and... Read more

Workers’ Compensation: COVID-19 Advocacy in the States

April 22, 2020 As NAMIC’s advocacy on business interruption mandates is landing successfully and policymakers are now joining our voice for a federal solution to the economic crisis, a new but equally disruptive concept has taken root in the states: recompense for... Read more

SPECIAL REPORT | Business Interruption, Workers' Compensation in the States

April 8, 2020 As the nation continues into an extended pandemic-related lockdown, our economy struggles to find vigor to make it through the crisis. Policymakers at every level of government are grasping for solutions to assist their ailing communities with any... Read more

SPECIAL REPORT | COVID-19 Government Affairs Update

March 26, 2020 We are in unprecedented times. NAMIC, therefore, is undertaking an extraordinary level of advocacy on members’ behalf. Policymakers in all spaces are hearing from small businesses fighting for their lives, and NAMIC is rising to the challenge to... Read more

NAMIC COVID-19 Regulatory Advocacy

March 24, 2020 The insurance industry continues to adapt in the wake of COVID-19. In the states there is a metaphorical firehose of related regulatory activity. NAMIC advocates are proactively working with state regulators and the National Association of Insurance... Read more

Special Report | COVID-19 Response; Phase III and Beyond

March 22, 2020 Washington’s reaction to COVID-19 continues at full speed this weekend, with details of the Phase III legislative package hopefully nearing completion; and the latest reports suggesting it will approach or even surpass a $2 trillion price tag. Read more

Special Report | COVID-19 Federal Update

March 18, 2020 With nearly 6,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 now in the United States, the impact of the nation’s response remain uncertain. Major cities have ordered residents to shelter in place; small businesses have closed their doors, unsure of when they... Read more

Special Report | NAMIC Responds to COVID-19 Impact

March 16, 2020 The insurance industry, like many businesses, is adapting to the COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing strategies. Beyond all the federal activity and emergency legislation we are seeing in Washington, state legislators and regulators are... Read more

NAMIC Special Report - NCOIL Spring Meeting Review

March 10, 2020 Forty-three legislators from 18 states, five insurance commissioners, and six other insurance departments attended the National Council of Insurance Legislators in Charlotte, N.C., despite travel bans that had been implemented by companies/departments... Read more

NAMIC Special Report – NCOIL Recap

December 18, 2019 The National Council of Insurance Legislators convened late last week in Austin, Texas, immediately following the fall National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ meeting. Fifty-nine legislators from 29 states, nine insurance departments, and... Read more


November 18, 2019 This year NAMIC advocates celebrated legislative victories and successfully staved off bills that would negatively impact the insurance... Read more

2019 State Elections

November 7, 2019 Several off-year state elections were held Nov. 5, including elections for statewide offices in Kentucky and state legislative elections in Virginia and New Jersey. A few pundits have billed a handful of these races as the litmus test for the... Read more

New Proposed Disparate Impact Rule Published in Federal Register

August 18, 2019 The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development officially released a proposed rule today that would amend HUD’s interpretation of how parties can bring discrimination claims under a... Read more

SPECIAL REPORT | HUD Releases New Proposed Disparate Impact Rule

July 30, 2019 The Department of Housing and Urban Development released its new proposed disparate impact rule July 29, signaling a possible end to the more than five-year challenge NAMIC has led to the original rule. As originally written, the rule could have... Read more

NCOIL Special Report – July 2019

July 19, 2019 Over the weekend, 57 state legislators from 27 states met at the National Council of Insurance Legislators summer meeting. NAMIC’s advocacy team was in attendance to represent the members on a variety of topics of interest. Highlights from the... Read more

Special Report | Feedback Requested on A.M. Best BCRM Scoring Process

April 19, 2019 NAMIC has been working with A.M. Best for the past several years on changes to its credit rating methodology. Most recently A.M. Best developed a proposal to include “innovation” as a component of the BCRM scoring process. Read more


March 26, 2019 The National Council of Insurance Legislators met in Nashville March 15-17 for its 2019 spring meeting, where 44 state legislators from 22 states came together to contemplate many issues of importance to NAMIC members. The NAMIC advocacy team was on... Read more

FAA Proposes New Drone Rules for Flying Over People and At Night

February 13, 2019 The Federal Aviation Administration published three new actions in the Federal Register Feb. 13 designed to encourage the safe testing and deployment of drones... Read more

SPECIAL REPORT | NAMIC to Continue Disparate Impact Challenge as Newly Merged Group Withdraws From Case

February 6, 2019 From the day that NAMIC first discovered the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s attempts to hold insurance companies liable for discrimination on the basis of statistical anomalies without any intent... Read more

Special Report: FAA to Propose New Drone Rules for Flying Over People and At Night

January 15, 2019 Billed as the "World's Largest Gathering of Transportation Professionals," more than 13,000 industry leaders including NAMIC, policymakers, administrators, and researchers from government, industry, and academia... Read more

Treasury to Negotiate New Covered Agreement With United Kingdom

October 24, 2018 The Federal Insurance Office and the Office of the United States Trade Representative have notified Congress of their intent to negotiate a new covered agreement with the United Kingdom. This would be the second such covered agreement to be... Read more

NAMIC to Continue Opposition as ALI Approves Insurance Liability Law Restatement

May 22, 2018 Earlier today, the general membership of the American Law Institute voted to give final approval to a new Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance. NAMIC, has been contesting this controversial proposal for more than half a decade, from its ... Read more

SPECIAL REPORT | HUD Issues Update on Disparate Impact Rule

May 10, 2018 The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said in a May 10 press release that it anticipates seeking the public's comment on whether its 2013... Read more

Disaster Mitigation: Winning in Washington

March 13, 2018 It's no secret that Washington has been mired in increasing partisanship and discord in recent years. Congress seems to only pass really large pieces of legislation and often only after near-calamitous events like government shutdowns. This ... Read more

NCOIL Spring Meeting Recap

March 7, 2018 NAMIC represented members March 3-4 at the 2018 spring meeting of the National Council of Insurance Legislators. Fifty-one lawmakers from 31 states attended the first of three scheduled meetings for... Read more

Special Report: Treasury Releases Report on Insurance Regulation

October 27, 2017 Further, the report supports NAMIC’s position that the group capital calculation being crafted by the states should be harmonized with the Federal Reserve’s Building Block Approach, to mitigate duplicative and unnecessary... Read more

California: Governor Signs Bill to Assist Insurance Consumers in Determining Who is Their Insurer After a Declared Disaster

October 2, 2017 Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law SB 569, Insurance: Disasters: Identification of Insurer authored by Sen. Bill Monning. It goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2018... Read more

U.S. Signs Covered Agreement With European Union

September 25, 2017 The United States signed a bilateral agreement with the European Union on Sept. 22 that eliminated trade barriers for insurers and reinsurers doing business in the other's jurisdiction. The agreement was the culmination of... Read more

NAMIC’s Challenge to The ALI Restatement of Insurance Liability Results in Delayed Vote

May 22, 2017 NAMIC has succeeded in winning a delayed vote by the American Law Institute on a proposed Restatement of Insurance Liability scheduled for May 23. The Restatement could create new... Read more

NAMIC Continues to Challenge HUD's Disparate Impact Rule Despite Judge's Delays

May 17, 2017 NAMIC's challenge to the Department of Housing and Urban Development's disparate impact rule has again been delayed, seemingly as two branches of government work out which... Read more

NAMIC President and CEO Chuck Chamness to Testify on Covered Agreement

February 15, 2017 NAMIC president and CEO Chuck Chamness will testify before the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance at 10 a.m. Feb. 16 on the draft covered agreement recently released between the United States and the... Read more

SPECIAL REPORT: NAMIC Analysis of the 2017 Bilateral Covered Agreement

February 6, 2017 One of the final acts of the Obama administration was the Jan. 13 release of an agreement between the United States and the EU on insurance regulation. This agreement was negotiated over the last three years in closed, confidential... Read more


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