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NAMIC Member Benefits

NAMIC’s strength is a reflection of its 1,400 member companies that come together to accomplish objectives more effectively as a group than as separate companies. Each member has the opportunity to guide and direct the association by participating in one of the many boards, committees, task forces, and working groups that focus on important issues facing property/casualty insurers. A wide variety of products and services offered by NAMIC are designed specifically to help members better serve their policyholders.

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The following is a list of NAMIC member benefits available.

Federal and Political Affairs - NAMIC's staff based in the nation's capital monitors and reports on items of legislation that impact NAMIC members. The staff understands the legislative process, which enables the association to successfully advocate on behalf of members.

State and Policy Affairs - Advocacy activities on the state level and in the NAIC arena are the chief concern of NAMIC's State and Policy Affairs department.

Communications - Through media relations activities, NAMIC Public Affairs strives to protect and enhance the reputation and credibility of mutual property/casualty insurers while promoting the importance of a vibrant and competitive insurance industry to economic stability and social well-being. It coordinates communications to members through a variety of channels. These include the website, a daily morning news summary, digital advisories and alerts, and a quarterly magazine.

Insurance - Nearly 85 percent of NAMIC member companies are served with one or more of the major programs offered by NAMIC Insurance Agency, employee and retirement benefit plans, and professional liability insurance programs.

Compensation and Benefits Report - This is the simple, quick and inexpensive way to know the compensation and benefit market for your mutual insurance company, including compensation for board directors.

Education - NAMIC's educational events give senior-level managers and company personnel the opportunity to network with peers while gathering information that can be utilized in their companies, as well as providing products, services, and information that address the unique needs of mutual insurance companies. Managers and other company personnel can benefit from the many options available.

Auto Claim Adjudication - The NAMIC Arbitration Service is a binding, nationwide arbitration service whose committee provides comprehensive written decisions that save your company litigation costs.

Legislative and Regulatory Information Service - LARIS gives you the power to stay informed about a wide range of state and federal insurance issues, 24 hours a day, seven days a week by providing continuous monitoring of more than 525 legislative and regulatory issues in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the federal government.

Committees and Boards - One benefit of membership is the opportunity to serve on one of our many boards, committees, task forces or work groups. These committees and boards guide and direct the association throughout the year.

NAMIC Web Services - NAMIC Web Services was formed as a value-added service for NAMIC members and affiliates.

Annual Convention and Exhibit Show - NAMIC's premier annual event takes place each September and brings together more than 1,500 managers, directors, CEOs, and other insurance executives to take part in outstanding educational sessions and industry presentations.


Sarah Schnettler
Vice President - Member & Sponsor Engagement