NAMIC Action Alerts

Please Ask Your Employees, Agents, and Other Stakeholders Who are Colorado Citizens to Contact State Senate Members to Oppose Tax Bill

June 12, 2020 HB 1420, to increase taxes, passed the House on June 11. It is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Finance Committee today. If it comes out of the committee it is likely to be voted on... Read more

Please Ask Your Employees, Agents, Other Stakeholders Who Are Colorado Citizens to Contact House Members to Oppose Tax Bill

June 10, 2020 HB 1420, to increase taxes, was introduced, and as its title suggests the money would be used for education; however, doing the bill’s math reveals that only around half of new money in the next four years is committed to... Read more

Contact House and Senate Members Asking for Support of Motor Vehicle Tort Reform Legislation

May 11, 2020 Legislative committees in both the Louisiana House and Senate will consider bills on May 12 to bring badly needed reform to Louisiana’s tort system. NAMIC asks its members to join in the advocacy for these bills, House Bill 9 and... Read more

Contact D.C. City Council to Ask Them to Remove Retroactive Business Interruption Legislation That Threatens Insurer Solvency

May 1, 2020 The Washington, D.C. City Council plans to consider a bill next week that would require insurers to pay claims under business interruption policies, even where no coverage exists or is specifically excluded under... Read more

Contact Local Chambers of Commerce on Business Interruption Insurance

March 31, 2020 Recently, a coalition of small and local chambers of commerce began a campaign calling for mandated business interruption coverage of COVID-19. Branded as the “Save Small Business Coalition,” the group is calling on insurance commissioners to mandate... Read more

New Jersey: Mandated Coverage of Pandemic

March 24, 2020 In an unexpected turn of events and despite assurances that the legislation would remain pending, Assembly Bill 3844 has re-emerged and may be placed on the voting session agenda for March 25. As a reminder, the bill mandates “every policy of insurance... Read more

New Jersey: Mandated Coverage of Pandemic

March 16, 2020 Assembly Bill 3844 has been introduced in New Jersey that mandates “every policy of insurance insuring against loss or damage to property, which includes the loss of use and occupancy and business interruption in force in this State on the... Read more

NAIC Cancels Spring National Meeting

March 11, 2020 As of this morning, March 11, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has announced that it will be cancelling the 2020 Spring National Meeting in Phoenix and instead will hold the meeting in a virtual-only format... Read more

Georgia Legal Reform

March 11, 2020 The reaction by the trial bar to positive legal reform movement in Georgia has been swift and stunning. HB 1101 and HB 1116 were referred to the Special Committee on Access to the Civil Justice System, which was created prior to the bills’... Read more

Georgia Legal Reform Highjacked by Trial Bar

March 9, 2020 Hope that litigation reform is finally moving in Georgia was dashed when the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 4 amended SB 390, originally introduced as civil justice reform, with language to impose additional responsibilities on companies for... Read more


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Senior Director of Advocacy Communications



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Senior Director of Communications