Election Bulletins

Checking In On the Senate

September 2, 2020 Last month, I shared with you my opinion that this election wouldn’t begin in earnest until Labor Day and that each month leading up to it will feel like a year of political life. And, I think that is still accurate... Read more

A Look at the Governors’ Races

August 26, 2020 Amid the national party conventions over the last couple of weeks, most of the election buzz is understandably focused on nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump. However, we are a state-regulated industry and we can’t... Read more

90 Days Until Election Day, But It Feels Like 3 Years

August 5, 2020 In speaking recently with an elected official about the 2020 elections, he mentioned to me something I found somewhat profound. He said that during a crisis such as what we’ve seen throughout 2020, each month is like a year. The logic is that... Read more

Primary Season: Far Left and Far Right Flanks of Both Parties are Flexing Muscle

July 22, 2020 Primary elections have a unique influence on the American political system, particularly in years when the presidency is also being decided. Instead of a general electorate, you have contests in which only one side of the aisle... Read more

Elections Don’t Stop for Crises

June 10, 2020 Whether we like it or not, during this time of crises elections still happen, and as a highly regulated industry we must be aware of the landscape. With Election Day less than five months away, we need to begin taking serious stock of how the... Read more

West Virginia: State Legislative Primary, Supreme Court Election Results

June 10, 2020 West Virginia held primary elections on June 9 for state and federal offices. In addition, three non-partisan state Supreme Court seats were on the ballot. In the Supreme Court races, sitting Justices Tim Armstead and John Hutchison won... Read more

Bernie Sanders CAN Become the Democratic Nominee and We Shouldn’t be Surprised

February 26, 2020 For months we’ve been hearing that Bernie Sanders, the self-described Democratic Socialist whose “extreme” ideology only appeals to a very small portion of young, white, college-age voters, has no chance of winning the Democratic presidential... Read more

Democratic 2020 Primary: A Rough Start for What Could be a Long Race

February 10, 2020 It seems not a day goes by in the political news world where there isn’t some twist, turn, or surprise that has pundits claiming absolute certainties about what will happen leading up to November. And if you’re like me, all the predictions can... Read more

2019 State Elections

November 7, 2019 Several off-year state elections were held Nov. 5, including elections for statewide offices in Kentucky and state legislative elections in Virginia and New Jersey. A few pundits have billed a handful of these races as the litmus test for the... Read more

Voters Give a Split Decision

November 7, 2018 As Americans wake up this morning, they are faced with an even more divided Congress come January. Republicans will continue to hold a majority in the U.S. Senate by successfully defeating incumbents in Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri, and Florida... Read more

A Split Election

October 30, 2018 We're just one week from Election Day, a time when the picture starts to come into focus. The persuadable voters have largely been swayed, and we start to get a sense of what the outcome could look like barring a massive... Read more

Trying to Catch Fire Without Getting Burned

September 19, 2018 Primary season is now behind us, and we’ve moved into the general election home stretch. In the coming days, members of Congress – or at least the House – will wrap up things in Washington and head home to campaign. We only have 48 days remaining... Read more

Ninety Days and Counting

August 7, 2018 It's hard to believe, but there's only about three months until the November midterm elections. For many of us in Washington, it feels as if primary season has been going for an eternity, and 90 days from now appear to be an equally distant... Read more

2018 State Races to Watch

June 20, 2018 With the 2018 midterm elections approaching, the political punditry is working overtime to provide viewers and readers with various predictions, and in many cases guesses, as to what November will mean for Congress and various state... Read more

NAMIC PAC Election Bulletin | Going Home

May 1, 2018 By now you’ve seen the coverage of Speaker Paul Ryan’s retirement at the end of his term. Ryan has been a friend of NAMIC’s during his tenure in the House and was one of the early champions of the Small Mutual Inflation Update... Read more

Back and Forth

February 28, 2018 There's a saying in sports, mostly used by fans and commentators: "too much time." You hear it during close games like the most recent Super Bowl or undoubtedly during the upcoming NCAA... Read more

The 'Trump Effect': What It Means for Congressional Primaries, Majorities

January 19, 2018 Nearly two months after the elections, control of the Virginia House of Delegates was decided in early January when James Alcorn, chairman of the state Department of Elections, pulled a film canister from a... Read more

NAMIC PAC Election Bulletin | 2018 Senate Outlook – Whose Perfect Storm?

December 19, 2017 Everything had to break exactly right for a Democrat to win statewide in Alabama for the first time since 1992 – and last week, it did. Alabama voters headed to the polls last Tuesday... Read more

NAMIC PAC Election Bulletin | Is Trump Motivating the Wrong Party?

November 9, 2017 After Republicans’ 4-0 special election victories over Democrats earlier this year, Democrats desperately needed a victory in Tuesday’s elections – and boy did they get it... Read more

Separating Fact From Fiction: Trump's Impact on the GOP

October 19, 2017 As we barrel toward the 2018 midterm elections, the currently en vogue narrative is that President Trump's historic disapproval ratings and controversial style will prove disastrous for Republicans' re-election... Read more

Bucking History?

September 20, 2017 Just nine months into the Trump administration, it seems hard to believe that we're already facing the midterm elections. Although the voting itself is more than a year away... Read more

NAMIC PAC Election Bulletin

June 21, 2017 You may have noticed the NAMIC PAC Election Bulletin has been quiet since November. It’s not that our new president has avoided making headlines,... Read more

2016 Election Analysis

November 17, 2016 In a stark rebuke of Washington and the political establishment, Donald Trump’s message to forgotten voters of rebuilding America carried him to the White House after a divisive campaign in which the... Read more

Trump Wins the White House in Surprise Republican Wave

November 9, 2016 True to form, the wildest election cycle in modern American history wouldn't have been complete without a surprise ending. As the nation wakes this morning, Donald J. Trump has been elected the 45th president of the... Read more

Getting Out the Vote

November 3, 2016 Election Day is almost here! After more than a year enduring the nonstop campaigning, learning about the issues, and speculating as to how it will all unfold, it's finally time to make our way to the polls. With so many key... Read more

20 Days Left -- Thankfully

October 19, 2016 With just hours until tonight's critical and final presidential debate -- one that likely represents the last chance for the GOP candidate to climb back into the race yet again -- it is worth taking a step back to... Read more

State Races to Watch

October 14, 2016 Twenty-four-hour-a-day media coverage of the presidential race as well as coverage of the fight to control Congress obscures the fact that voters will also cast ballots in the states for governors, state legislators, and... Read more

Congressional Outlook

September 23, 2016 In recent weeks the gap between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has narrowed considerably, with the real estate mogul now taking the lead in some swing states and national polls, a notion that... Read more

Anyone's to Win

September 7, 2016 As summer turns to fall, kids go back to school, members of Congress return to Washington, and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to slug it out on the tumultuous road to November. Looking back over the past month and a half, it would be easy to... Read more

Election Outlook - 145 Days Remaining to Election Day

June 15, 2016 While the outcome has been known for weeks, the votes in the final primary – the Democratic primary in the District of Columbia – are counted, so it's now official. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the... Read more

Trump vs. Clinton Outcome is Far From Certain

May 11, 2016 I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think Donald Trump, given his brash personality, harsh tones, and seeming unwillingness to compromise with the party at large, was going to be the... Read more

None of the Above 2016?

April 4, 2016 As Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls continue on the road toward the nomination, fresh questions are emerging as to whether candidates on either side of the aisle will... Read more

The Trump and Sanders Effect

March 8, 2016 To put it mildly, things have gotten interesting heading into the critical March 15 primaries. Billionaire Donald Trump has continued to notch primary victories, but contests in Maine, Kansas, and ... Read more

Presidential Primary Moves South, West as Scalia Vacancy Raises Stakes on 2016 Elections

February 19, 2016 On the eve of two pivotal primaries, in which Republicans will match up tomorrow in South Carolina while Democrats face off in Nevada, a variety of factors... Read more

Candidates From Both Parties Ready Themselves for Start of 2016 Presidential Election

January 25, 2016 With less than a week until the Iowa Caucuses officially kick off the 2016 presidential election cycle, candidates on both sides of the aisle are making last-ditch efforts to boost their standing in the Hawkeye State. Read more


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