NAMIC Leadership

  • Neil  Alldredge

    Neil Alldredge


  • Gregg  Dykstra

    Gregg Dykstra

    Chief Legal Officer/Special Counsel

  • Mark  Vander Kooy

    Mark Vander Kooy

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Jimi  Grande

    Jimi Grande

    Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs

  • Erin  Collins

    Erin Collins

    Senior Vice President - State and Policy Affairs

  • Sarah  Schnettler

    Sarah Schnettler

    Senior Vice President – Corporate Strategy & Member Experience

  • Andrew  Kirkner

    Andrew Kirkner

    General Counsel

  • Shannon  Ollikainen

    Shannon Ollikainen

    Chief of Staff/Assistant Corporate Secretary

  • Crista  Hassett

    Crista Hassett

    Vice President - Events, Education, & Association Services

  • Catherine  Imus

    Catherine Imus

    Vice President - Public Affairs

  • Stephen  Ott

    Stephen Ott

    Vice President – IT & Building Services

  • Jonathan  Rodgers

    Jonathan Rodgers

    Vice President - Finance

  • Matt  Houston

    Matt Houston

    Vice President - Marketing Communications

Neil Alldredge

Neil Alldredge

Neil Alldredge

Neil Alldredge serves as president and chief executive officer of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, a property/casualty insurance trade association representing more than 1,500 member companies that write $357 billion in annual premiums.

Alldredge assumed the role of president and CEO in July 2021 after serving in various executive roles at NAMIC. He joined the association in 1999, leading NAMIC’s state legislative, regulatory, and international advocacy efforts for 17 years. In that role Alldredge regularly testified before state legislatures around the country and represented NAMIC members at the National Association of the Insurance Commissioners, the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors. He also served on the board of directors of the Advocates for Highway Safety and as board chair of the NCOIL’s Industry Education Council.

In 2017, Alldredge was named senior vice president of corporate affairs, where he led NAMIC’s membership retention and recruitment, events and education, public affairs, compliance, and marketing and technology areas. He currently chairs the board of the NAMIC Insurance Company and serves on the board of the NAMIC Mutual Insurance Foundation. Alldredge also serves on the board of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and is part of the Global Federation of Insurance Associations General Assembly. Prior to joining NAMIC, Alldredge served as director of Planning and Research for the Indiana state Senate.

Alldredge has a bachelor’s degrees in political science and communications and a master’s degree in rhetoric from Ball State University.