Top issues affecting the property/casualty insurance industry

Explore NAMIC's positions on these important issues and learn what NAMIC Advocates are doing on behalf of the property/casualty insurance industry.

Risk–Based Pricing

NAMIC believes insurers should be able to use information, including credit-based insurance scores, to more accurately assess risk as part of the underwriting process. Underwriting freedom is critical to ensuring the insurance industry can set appropriate rates to reflect risk and maintain solvency.

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Marijuana (Cannabis) Legalization

No state should ever create a circumstance, regardless of its own marijuana legalization laws, in which an insurer would be compelled by state law to violate federal law by being forced to provide insurance coverage for an illegal substance or business. However, if insurers are compelled to participate in any way with the cannabis industry there should be a robust safe harbor from any federal legal liability under controlled substances-related law.

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National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

NAMIC supports a long-term reauthorization of National Flood Insurance Program that includes a shift toward risk-based rates, policies designed to increase private sector involvement in the program, and provisions to address affordability, increase mitigation, and address repetitive loss properties.

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Assignment of Benefits

NAMIC believes in fairness when it comes to the litigation process and supports efforts to protect policyholders from unscrupulous third-party service providers. Given the potential for fraud, which raises costs for all consumers, NAMIC is supportive of legislation in the states that prevents the abuse of the assignment of benefits legal tool.

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Erin Collins
Senior Vice President - State and Policy Affairs