Professional Farm Mutual Manager Designation (PFMM)


  • Justin Bader – Eastern Iowa Mutual Insurance Association

  • Steven Boggess – Poweshiek Mutual Insurance Association

  • Lindsay Coyle – Heartland Mutual Insurance Association

  • Cathy Dame – Laclede Mutual Insurance Company

  • Denise Gordon – Flathead Farm Mutual Insurance Company

  • Glenn Jones – Trilogy

  • Hallie Radloff – Sumter Mutual Insurance Company

  • Lisa Rockweiler – Reedsburg-Westfield Mutual Insurance Company

  • Wendy Runkle – Mt. Pleasant-Perry Middleton Mutual Insurance Company

  • Jon Scheil – Poweshiek Mutual Insurance Association

  • Kathern Smull – Forreston Mutual Insurance Company

  • Lisa Snyder – Alamance Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company

  • Paul Splinter – Mutual of Wausau Insurance Corporation

  • Benjamin Thie – DMC Mutual Insurance Association

  • Cindy Thompson – Clay Mutual Insurance Association

  • Justin Trammell – Southeast Missouri Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Inc.

  • Jessica VanderPloeg – Mutual of Wausau Insurance Corporation

  • Charles Warr – Woodville Mutual Insurance Company

Individuals’ records are maintained by NAMIC and transcript reports are distributed annually. While NAMIC will make every effort to maintain accurate records, individuals are responsible for reporting discrepancies immediately upon discovery.


Lauren Holdcroft
Certification & Customized Programs Manager