Professional Farm Mutual Manager Designation (PFMM)

Professional Farm Mutual Manager Designation Testimonials

"The PFMM Designation recognizes the professionalism of those that have received this designation, by the requirements needed to obtain it and requiring designees to continue to take classes to stay current on issues and trends that affect our industry. As others have stated, the designation adds to our credibility when talking with the others about our industry and things affecting it."

Duane Smith, PFMM
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Johnson & Shelby Counties

"In dealing with the agency force, I would compare NAMIC's PFMM to the agency's CPU classes. I have found the agents that have gone the extra mile in completing those classes, are the agents who are up to date on what is happening in the industry and are models of professionalism in their office and for the industry. This too, would apply to those with the NAMIC PFMM designation."

Peggy McDaniel, PFMM
Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation

"The PFMM designation, I believe, represents my commitment toward leadership excellence in the Farm Mutual Industry. This comprehensive educational program has provided me with a broader perspective in the management of a Farm Mutual, since I underwent sessions shoulder to shoulder with other Managers from across the nation. While each of the actual sessions were "top-notch", clearly the lively conversations and acquaintances made over breaks and mealtime added to this special learning experience.

Most folks seeing the lapel pin designation are not familiar with what the letters stand for. I take great pride in explaining the details of the program and urge each inquirer that they too pursue this program and experience it for themselves."

Jack Randall, CIC, PCLA, PFMM
Randall Resources International

"As this designation begins to gain recognition, I think we all should recognize that the PFMM adds some degree of credibility to our position. People recognize that we have gone above and beyond the call of duty to better ourselves, better our Association, and in effect better the industry."

Bruce Thomas, PFMM
Heartland Mutual Insurance Association

"Through the continuing education requirement, PFMM's keep current with important issues in the farm mutual industry and the broader insurance marketplace."

Doug Sullivan, PFMM
Svea Mutual Insurance Company

"I have also found that the designation adds credibility and acknowledgment among other business professionals within our community and firms that we deal with that are not specifically part of the Mutual Insurance industry. Usually I must explain what the PFMM represents, but always notice a boost of confidence in those I deal with as it confirms to them that I am a professional in the insurance industry."

Justin Lear, PFMM
Farmers Mutual Insurance Company


Lauren Holdcroft
Certification & Customized Programs Manager