IN Magazine | Advertorial Guidelines

Copy Requirements and Deadlines

The name(s) and contact information of the advertorial’s author(s) must be provided with the advertising insertion order. When possible, topics for the advertorial should be submitted with the advertising insertion order. Topics and story angles for advertorial copy must be discussed with IN magazine’s editorial staff. IN’s magazine’s editorial staff reserves the right to contact authors to discuss the content being developed.

Advertorials must be written from a third-person perspective and must include sources outside the advertising organization to support the advertiser’s viewpoint. Ideas and/ or thoughts and solutions within the advertorial must be presented clearly without using advertising language. Advertorial copy must not imply that IN magazine endorses the advertiser’s organization or the content presented.

The due dates for advertorial copy is two weeks prior to the ad artwork deadline listed in IN magazine’s media kit. This allows time for editing and approval between IN magazine’s editorial staff and the advertiser. Advertorial copy must be submitted in a format that can be edited by IN magazine’s editorial staff. A Word document is the preferred format. IN’s managing editor will discuss recommended copy changes with the advertiser/author(s) prior to final deadline to ensure the piece meets the advertorial guidelines and edits have not changed the meaning or scope of the article.

IN magazine reserves the right to edit any material in order to maintain proper word count, grammar, tense usage, and consistency with IN magazine’s editorial style. IN magazine reserves the right to reject articles that are poorly written, inappropriate, conflict with NAMIC’s mission as an association, or otherwise do not meet IN magazine’s advertorial and editorial guidelines. No advertorial that is misleading, deceitful, discriminatory, fraudulent, or slanders another company or person inside or outside the insurance industry will be accepted.

Advertorials will be marked clearly as such.

Reviews and Approvals

Edits made by IN magazine will be sent back to the advertiser for finalization of the advertorial, which will be due by the media kit’s listed ad artwork deadlines.

IN magazine or other NAMIC staff is not responsible for the design of the advertorial. Final layouts must be presented to IN magazine in a high-resolution PDF format based on the specs within NAMIC’s media kit.


Lisa Floreancig
Senior Director of Communications



Lindsay Robison
Content Manager and Editor