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Radio Spots

Bradford Victor-Adams Mutual Insurance Company | Franklin Grove, IL
:30 Radio Spot | "Why Work With a Mutual Insurance Company?"

Panhandle Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
:30 Radio Spot | "Why Work With a Mutual Insurance Company?"

TV Ads

For a company our size it is difficult to compete with the other companies' marketing budgets. Therefore, we are constantly looking for creative, cost effective ways to share our story. Luckily, the NAMIC Mutual Branding program helps us stand out in ways we were unable to do before.

Although the program includes a wide variety of advertising resources available at the click of a mouse, there are times when we need to customize an advertisement beyond the click to meet a specific need. No problem! The staff at NAMIC is available to guide us and lend a hand. With their help, we have taken advantage of the high quality, professionally produced print, radio and television advertising with wonderful results.

Wes Gainey
Farmers Mutual of Tennessee

Print Ads



Outdoor Ads


Cori Chase
Office Manager - Marketing and Technology



Jennifer Smith
Assistant Vice President - Marketing and Technology