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Oregon: DFR Issues Bulletin on Arbitration Clauses, Choice of Law, Choice of Venue Provisions in Insurance Policies

January 20, 2020 The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation has issued a bulletin to all health, life, and property/casualty insurers on prohibitions pertaining to arbitration clauses, choice of law, and choice of venue provisions... Read more

Hawaii: Bill Introduced to Create Climate Change Countermeasures Special und – FEEDBACK REQUESTED

January 20, 2020 HB 1686, Climate Change Countermeasures Special Fund, has been introduced. The bill has yet to be assigned to a committee for consideration and a public hearing. The proposed legislation... Read more

Washington: Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Costs Bill Heard in Committee

January 20, 2020 SB 6078, Clarifying reimbursement for certain clean-up or removal actions by fire protection jurisdictions, was heard in the Senate Committee on Financial Institutions, Economic Development... Read more

Washington: Declarations Page Disclosure Bill Introduced – FEEDBACK REQUESTED

January 16, 2020 SB 6244, notification of insurance policy sub-limits on the policy's declarations page, has been introduced and assigned to the Senate Financial Institutions, Economic... Read more

Oregon: Governor’s Draft Wildfire Response Legislative Proposal Pre-Filed – FEEDBACK REQUESTED

January 16, 2020 Oregon Gov. Kate Brown established the Governor’s Council on Wildfire Response in January 2019 with the direction to the council to review the state’s current model for wildfire prevention and... Read more

North Carolina: Senate Override of Regulatory Reform Act Unsuccessful

January 16, 2020 Although the calendar has turned to 2020, the North Carolina General Assembly is continuing to work on the 2019 session. On Jan. 14, the Senate calendared SB 553, also known as the Regulatory Reform Act, for a vote to... Read more

Mississippi: MID Shares 2020 Legislative Packet

January 16, 2020 The Mississippi Insurance Department has shared its legislative packet with NAMIC’s advocacy partner, the Insurance Coalition of Mississippi. There are four bills the... Read more

Florida: ALI Restatement Disavowal Sparks Controversy in First Committee

January 16, 2020 The Florida House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee on Jan. 15 took up HB 359, an insurance omnibus bill introduced by Rep. David Santiago... Read more

NAIC Memo Recommends Changes to Holding Company, Certain Entities Be Exempt from the GCC

January 16, 2020 The Group Capital Calculation (E) Working Group issued a memorandum (Att. 1 – GCC Memo) to the Group Solvency Issues (E) Working Group regarding needed changes to the Insurance... Read more

NAIC Artificial Intelligence Working Group Seeks Comments on OECD Draft Principles for Artificial Intelligence Usage by Insurers

January 16, 2020 The Artificial Intelligence (EX) Working Group, a subgroup of the Innovation and Technology (EX) Task Force is currently contemplating adopting draft principles for insurer artificial... Read more


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