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But one thing remains the same: NAMIC’s dedication to serving member companies and helping them reach their full potential.

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Corporate Governance BrochureNAMIC can tailor a program to meet your needs and deliver the program at your headquarters or another location for your board of directors. Below is an outline of what we are able to include in a customized program:

  • NAMIC will organize and facilitate an educational program based on the schedule you determine.

  • NAMIC is available to facilitate strategic planning sessions up to 6 hours.

  • NAMIC faculty will deliver the educational program developed for mutual company directors based on the learning objectives as identified through a discussion with NAMIC staff regarding needs and areas of interest.

  • Additional course content can be developed upon request. NAMIC has an extensive network of experts from which to draw so if a subject/topic is not identified as part of the coursework (aka Course Descriptions), please let staff know of any needs for additional development.

  • NAMIC can administer a customized, confidential board evaluation to board members in advance of the event to help in the identification of needs and/or areas of interest. As a matter of process clarification, NAMIC staff will report the survey results in advance to leadership; a report or highlights can also be shared with board members. This survey has been utilized by a variety of boards both confidentially in conjunction with a NAMIC program as well as a recommended resource through NAMIC’s Governance Resource Center. A copy of the survey can be supplied upon request. Additional questions and/or areas of focus can be added.

  • NAMIC will develop and reproduce all necessary presentation materials and resource manual contents including a glossary of terms for the topic, presentation, handouts, and recommended resources, if applicable.

What Others Are Saying

“This program was an investment in our future. I received nothing but positive feedback from my board; they were excited, participated and were ‘charged’ like I have never seen them!”

Matthew P. Vehlies
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Fire Districts of New York Mutual Insurance Co. Inc.
Chestnut Ridge, NY

“Thank you for yet another successful customized educational program for our Board!  The presentation on corporate governance, like the customized programs you previously provided, demonstrated the high quality and excellence that we are accustomed to from NAMIC. ”

Michelle C. Landers
Vice President & General Counsel
Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI)
Lexington, KY 

“NAMIC provided faculty and resources have provided our Board great opportunities to improve governance and industry understanding.  NAMIC’s ability to tailor education to meet our needs is just another reminder of the value of our membership.”

Kurt F. Bock
Chief Executive Officer
COUNTRY Financial
Bloomington, IL


Lauren Holdcroft
Certification Manager