Our Positions | No-Fault Insurance

No fault auto insurance, in which drivers injured in an accident seek economic recovery from their own insurer rather than suing a potentially at-fault party under many cases, was developed with the objectives of reducing litigation, lowering costs, and providing injured drivers with a speedy and efficient means of recovering for losses.

With those goals in mind, NAMIC has a history of favoring the adoption of such laws to replace traditional tort systems in which injured parties typically sue at-fault drivers to recover for losses. However, in many cases no fault systems have not been implemented in a way to best achieve those goals, and in other cases systemic problems have developed and persisted to a degree that they overshadow the intended benefits. In some cases, such circumstances have led NAMIC to advocate for specific reform measures; Florida and Michigan fit into this category. In others, political realities preventing the opportunity for meaningful reform have dictated that it is more prudent to support the repeal of no fault in some states.

NAMIC Position

NAMIC will continue to assess reforms to each state’s no-fault law and apply a set of principles that it believes could enable the no-fault laws to become more efficient and less expensive for consumers.

Florida: ‘Loss Runs,’ Litigation Loans, Attorney Fee Multiplier, PIP Repeal, Asbestos Trust Claims, Other Issues in Play During Second Week of Session

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Michigan: DIFS Issues Bulletin Regarding No-Fault Benefits for Non-Residents

October 24, 2019 The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services has issued Bulletin 2019-21-INS, related to recent legislation enacting changes to Michigan’s no-fault auto coverage law as it applies to non-resident policyholders. Read more

Federal Electronic Odometer Rule Finalized

October 7, 2019 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued new regulations for electronic processing of odometer disclosure statements that are expected to resolve many problems plaguing the current system. Existing rules for... Read more

New Jersey: Governor Signs Legislation to Make Uncompensated Medical Expenses Under PIP Recoverable in BI Cases

August 20, 2019 Gov. Phil Murphy on Aug. 15 signed S2432 and S3963. S-2432 was introduced as an attempt to overturn a recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision in Haines v. Taft and allow for the recovery of uncompensated medical expenses incurred after the... Read more


Jon Bergner
Assistant Vice President – Public Policy and Federal Affairs