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Cybersecurity is an issue of growing importance for insurers as well as society in general. Insurers encounter cybersecurity issues in a variety of ways. Like all members of the interconnected business community, insurers are potential targets as they hold consumer personal information. Because of this, insurers have an obligation to take steps to protect that information as well as to play a role in the development of how society responds to the growing exposure to cyber risk by insuring.

Issue Analysis Papers

Understanding the Evolving Cybersecurity Standards Landscape for Insurers
The amazing benefits of a technologically advanced and interconnected society have not been attained without the price of sobering exposure to substantial and even potentially catastrophic harm. The headlines regularly convey the latest security breaches, typically involving increasing volumes of a variety of information being accessed or stolen, affecting a larger number of individuals as potential victims. Unsurprisingly, the insurance industry, given its role in supporting risk management by businesses and individuals, has not been immune in...

Privacy Protections (D) Working Group Regulator-Only Efforts Remain Unseen

March 30, 2020 On its first call of the year held in mid-February, the Privacy Protections (D) Working Group indicated that it would be going into regulator-only mode for a while and would prepare a key issues document that would be circulated for the Spring National... Read more

NAIC Big Data Working Group Continues to Explore Large Data Sets Without Specified Direction

March 30, 2020 The last meeting of the NAIC Big Data Working Group in Austin in 2019 revealed the continuing work of the group and attempts to ascertain where it may all be leading. Due to COVID-19, attempts to meet in Phoenix and via teleconferencing have been... Read more

DHS Holds Conference Call on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure

March 30, 2020 NAMIC dialed in for business and infrastructure partner calls March 25-26 with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Read more

Georgia: Session Off to a Fast, Furious Start

February 4, 2020 The Georgia General Assembly is already one-quarter of the way through its 40-day legislative session. A few insurance issues have been taken up in committee, and some new bills are on the horizon. The Senate Retirement Committee met Jan. 29 to... Read more

NAIC Innovation and Technology Task Force Moves Forward With Exploring Anti-Rebating Modernization

December 13, 2019 The NAIC Innovation and Technology (EX) Task Force moved forward with its intention to explore anti-rebating modernization at the fall meeting in Austin. Three significant decisions were made concerning the work of the task force in this regard. Read more


Jon Bergner
Assistant Vice President – Public Policy and Federal Affairs