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Cybersecurity is an issue of growing importance for insurers as well as society in general. Insurers encounter cybersecurity issues in a variety of ways. Like all members of the interconnected business community, insurers are potential targets as they hold consumer personal information. Because of this, insurers have an obligation to take steps to protect that information as well as to play a role in the development of how society responds to the growing exposure to cyber risk by insuring.

Issue Analysis Papers

Understanding the Evolving Cybersecurity Standards Landscape for Insurers
The amazing benefits of a technologically advanced and interconnected society have not been attained without the price of sobering exposure to substantial and even potentially catastrophic harm. The headlines regularly convey the latest security breaches, typically involving increasing volumes of a variety of information being accessed or stolen, affecting a larger number of individuals as potential victims. Unsurprisingly, the insurance industry, given its role in supporting risk management by businesses and individuals, has not been immune in...

NAIC Innovation and Technology Task Force Moves Forward With Exploring Anti-Rebating Modernization

December 13, 2019 The NAIC Innovation and Technology (EX) Task Force moved forward with its intention to explore anti-rebating modernization at the fall meeting in Austin. Three significant decisions were made concerning the work of the task force in this regard. Read more

Virginia: NAMIC Continues Discussions With Insurance Bureau on Cybersecurity Legislation; Member Feedback Requested

November 5, 2019 An update on the current status of NAMIC’s discussions with the Virginia Bureau of Insurance regarding the bureau’s draft cybersecurity legislation follows... Read more

Senate Banking Committee Eyes the Value of Data

October 28, 2019 The Senate Banking Committee held a hearing Oct. 24 titled “Data Ownership: Exploring Implications for Data Privacy Rights and Data Valuation,” its fourth hearing on data security and privacy issues hosted this year. During this hearing the... Read more

Virginia: Bureau of Insurance Circulates Final Cybersecurity Law Draft, Requests Industry Position

October 24, 2019 The Virginia Bureau of Insurance has issued its final cybersecurity law proposal to the industry. NAMIC has been working with the bureau to improve earlier drafts of the legislation that significantly strayed... Read more

NAIC Cybersecurity Model Law Enacted

August 9, 2019 Enacted HB 174 substantially adopts the provisions of NAIC’s Insurance Data Security model law. The Delaware Department of Insurance released a letter detailing the enactment. Read more


Jon Bergner
Assistant Vice President – Public Policy and Federal Affairs