National Independent Statistical Service (NISS)

NISSWith over 200 member companies, NISS has gained the reputation for doing one thing and doing it right. While NISS competitors work to be all things to all companies, NISS prides itself in serving as your optimum source for statistical reporting in compliance with state regulatory requirements. NISS keeps the reporting process as simple as possible, as our Statistical Plans are responsive to the minimal reporting requirements of individual state insurance departments set forth by the NAIC Statistical Handbook. This helps keep a company’s cost of reporting at a minimum.

NISS is structured to ensure quality of data without taking the focus off of your company’s bottom line. NISS will not charge you administrative or membership fees upon your decision to join us. In addition, we acknowledge that managing data is not always a seamless process and firmly believe it is not our place to penalize member companies facing challenges in submitting data. Therefore, NISS will not assess late fees or fines upon your company. As a member company, you will be assessed only for NISS reports being filed. Also, our rates have only changed one time since 1993, so you don’t have to constantly be concerned with rates increasing each year.

At NISS, we try to make the reporting process simple. We offer a host of Edit Tools, including Edit Software, Edit Tables, Numerical Listings, and Data Quality reports. Our most utilized resource is the NISS website, which allows company representatives to submit Data Calls and view company specific information such as submission status, correspondence, etc. We continually strive to update our website to make the reporting process easier for our member companies. Our staff will work with your company to prepare the data to be included in the aggregate compilations sent to State Insurance Departments. View a list of all reports filed by NISS for our members.

NISS also offers quarterly Fast Track reports for a nominal fee to aid in your review of your company’s Auto and Homeowners business as compared to the industry. Our Fast Track reports will help you track claim experience (including loss ratios, average loss, claim frequency, etc.) to help your company make more informed underwriting decisions. For more information, please send a request to

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please email NISS at, or visit our website.