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Crista Hassett
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Julie Bacher
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On-site Leadership Development Workshop

Bring High-quality Training Directly to Your Staff!
NAMIC offers two on-site training solutions that are convenient and affordable.You pick the date, we deliver the workshop on-site at your company’s headquarters — eliminating the need for staff travel and time out of the office. Workshops are designed to accommodate up to 25 employees.

Choose from:

The Essentials of High-Performing Teams:

This one-day workshop is designed to provide attendees with tools to be a more effective team member or leader. Participants will explore the four essentials through in-depth instruction, group discussion, hands-on exercises, and facilitated learning.

On-site Leadership Development Workshops | Essentials
  1. Foundational Trust and Understanding

  2. Shared Expectations and Accountability

  3. Respectful and Candid Dialogue

  4. High Performance and Results


This workshop is designed for new managers or those with 0-10 years of experience working in a team environment.

Leading with Integrity, Influence and Impact:

This one-day workshop can either follow up on those who have successfully completed The Essentials of High-Performance Teams or as a workshop specifically for higher-level audience (executives, high level leaders). It is an interactive and self-reflective journey where participants will acquire real-world strategies to impact and influence individuals and teams to enhance performance.

On-site Leadership Development Workshops
  1. Leading with Purpose

  2. Creating a Culture of Change

  3. Inspiring and Influencing Change

  4. Leveraging Talent for the Future


This workshop is designed for supervisors, managers, executives, or high level leaders looking to refine their leadership competencies.