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Working Group Purpose – Guide the association’s efforts in support of maintaining a public-private partnership with the federal government to help the country manage the risk of terrorism, whether by maintaining the existing TRIA program or by making recommendations as appropriate for reshaping it.

General Working Group Value Proposition – To provide a platform for NAMIC’s commercial writers to formulate policy positions and be apprised of federal policy developments that impact the TRIA program.

General Working Group Responsibilities – The working group shall:

Make recommendations to the Federal Affairs Committee and NAMIC Board of Directors and staff on association policies and practices that relate to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program.

Oversee and guide an effective overall program reauthorization effort at the federal level as needed.

Provide feedback and guidance on any regulatory advocacy needed involving the implementation of the TRIA program.

Provide industry perspective on any alternative solutions to the risk of terrorism other than the existing TRIA program, as needed.

Chief Staff Liaison

Andrew Pauley
Government Affairs Counsel
202.580.6746 x1303


Andrew Pauley
Public Policy Counsel