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Working Group Purpose – To advise on the interests of the NAMIC membership in the context of international standard setting, regulatory, and trade issues affecting the regulation of property/casualty insurance companies internationally and in the United States.

General Working Group Value Proposition – Enhance the impact of the association membership in the international environment by developing awareness of membership policy needs and concerns, active promotion of membership interests, assertive presentation of association positions or proposals, and organized membership influence on key decision-makers relevant to international regulatory matters.

General Working Group Responsibilities – The working group shall:

Follow the deliberations and analyze pronouncements of any authoritative entity regulating or affecting insurance international regulatory and trade issues, including the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, the Financial Stability Board, the NAIC International Relations (G) Committee, the Global Federation for Insurance Associations, the Federal Insurance Office, and the United States Trade Representative.

Develop and issue commentary and responses on the actions of an authoritative entity affecting the property/casualty insurance industry.

Advise and make recommendations to the NAMIC State Affairs Committee, NAMIC Federal Affairs Committee, and/or the NAMIC Board of Directors on relevant matters within its jurisdiction.

Foster NAMIC membership participation in, awareness of, and interest in international issues with the potential to impact the industry.

Chief Staff Liaison

Michelle Rogers
Assistant Vice President,
International & Regulatory Affairs

Additional Staff Liaisons

Jon Bergner
Assistant Vice President, Federal Affairs

Erin Collins
Senior Vice President – State & Policy Affairs


Andrew Pauley
Public Policy Counsel