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Working Group Purpose – To provide a platform for NAMIC’s writers of flood insurance and participants in the National Flood Insurance Program’s Write-Your-Own program to formulate policy positions and be apprised of federal policy developments that impact the NFIP.

General Working Group Value Proposition – Give NAMIC’s members a direct avenue to formulate NFIP reform principles and other policy guidance in an evolving regulatory environment while being regularly updated on the latest federal developments that could impact the NFIP.

General Working Group Responsibilities – The working group shall monitor, advise, and communicate on NFIP-related issues that affect the mutual property/casualty insurance industry.
Specifically, the working group shall:

Monitor current and emerging issues at the federal level that impact the NFIP.

Communicate regularly on real-time issues that could impact the current or future operating status of the NFIP.

Communicate regularly on trends or other pertinent information stemming from congressional or other federal activity that could ultimately impact the NFIP.

Develop recommendations with regard to formulating and adopting flood insurance policy positions to advocate for on Capitol Hill and within applicable federal agencies.

Chief Staff Liaison

Erin Collins
Senior Vice President – State & Policy Affairs

Additional Staff Liaisons

Cate Paolino
Director of Public Policy


Jimi Grande
Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs