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Kristy Damon

Kristy Damon
Accounting & Billing Specialist

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The Group Insurance Trust continues to offer VSP vision plan benefits to our members.

  • Vision coverage below cost to pass lower cost onto you

  • The convenience of a network 38,000+ access points nationwide

  • Easy, hassle-free service includes exam and lens copays

For more than 50 years, VSP has delivered personalized eyecare helping people to see well, stay healthy and get the most out of life.

Unbeatable Coverage: With VSP, you get private practice quality with retail choice and convenience for a one-stop-shop experience. With more than 38,000 VSP access points nationwide, our neighborhood doctors have the highest qualifications and expertise to take care of your employees’ eyecare needs – including the latest eyewear fashions. And 88% of our network is open for early morning, evening and/or weekend appointments with 24-hour on-call availability. Your employees will receive the same great benefits and care whether they’re locally-based or spread across the nation. Our doctors our dedicated to you – not for an hour or a day, but for life.

Our Promise: We guarantee satisfaction and promise our members:

  • a hassle-free experience

  • quality, choice and convenience

  • straightforward communication

  • privacy and confidentiality

  • responsive service