Leadership Consulting

NAMIC has partnered with Mandy Haskett of leadership consulting firm ADVISA to offer members new options for leadership training. Mandy has worked with NAMIC on previous projects and has extensive knowledge of the mutual insurance industry.

Through NAMIC, ADVISA is offering members the following tiered services designed to help companies better understand their unique leadership challenges and grow great leaders from within.

Mandy Haskett

Mandy Haskett

Leadership Consultant

Leadership Consulting Packages


This option is designed for any organization that doesn’t currently collect or use people data to drive the execution of their business strategies. The assessments listed below are taken by the leadership team and results are shared in a one-day leadership retreat.

  • Maturity Model: This assessment measures your current level of competence with each of the four elements of effective talent optimization. You will receive a results scorecard.
  • Predictive Index®: Test drive the Predictive Index® behavioral assessment and strategy insights tool for understanding leadership strengths relative to business strategy. Each leader will receive his or her own PI behavioral report as well as a professional development guide.

Job Assessment: Benchmark the cognitive and behavioral demands for a key role in your organization and receive a job target report that describes required behaviors for success.

Price: $15,000


This option is ideal for growing organizations seeking objective insight on organizational engagement levels. Between 50 percent to 80 percent of the U.S. working population is not actively engaged at work. Four forces of disengagement are the culprit here: mismatch between employee and role, mismatch between employee and their direct manager, mismatch between employee and company culture, and mismatch between employee and their teammates. The Insight package provides leadership with an in-depth analysis of the employee experience.

PI Employee Experience Survey™
This give employees a way to provide candid, confidential feedback. Get organization- and team-level reporting that gives insight into employee experience ratings. You’ll also see the impact of specific experience measures on engagement within your organization.

Take Action Session
Actions prescribed from reporting enable you to take action right away; a half-day Take Action on Engagement session helps managers and leaders gain the confidence to share the results with their teams and establish a path to high-impact organizational change.

Priced by Employee Headcount

Headcount 1-200 201-500 501-1000
Price $15,500 $21,400 $28,900


Designed for organizations looking for a long-term talent optimization solution, this solution diagnoses talent gaps, designs organizational structures for teams, provides hiring education, and more. Features include::

  • Predictive Index implementation
  • Behavioral assessment data on all employees
  • Job targets created for all jobs
  • Behavioral and cognitive data on all candidates
  • Interview guides, coaching guides, relationship and professional development reports such as analyses on job fit and team analytics
  • PI practitioner training
  • Executive session
  • Ongoing consulting and client support from the ADVISA team.

Priced by Employee Headcount

Headcount 1-500 501-1K 1,001-3K
Price $44,400 $51,900 $67,900


Contact Brian Snyder, NAMIC’s marketing manager for products and services, to get more details about these options and how to get started with an ADVISA program. Call 317.875.5250 ext. 1134 or email bsnyder@namic.org.


Brian Snyder
Senior Project Manager