Executive Pay Practices Study

2019 Executive Pay Practices Study

2021 Study is Complete

NAMIC and McLagan completed the 2021 Executive Pay Practices Study and released results to participants in the spring. This study goes beyond the numbers and provides benchmarks for strategies and best practices related to compensation for top executives of mutual insurance companies

Executive Summary Now Available

Executive Pay Practices Study Summary The executive summary provides a brief overview of the most common strategies for base compensation, bonuses, and more. It also includes an analysis by The Jacobson Group on how mutual insurance companies are adapting to better recruit and retain executives in today’s challenging labor market.

Survey Benchmarks

  • Organizational Structure
  • Executive Pay Practice Strategy
  • Base Compensation Management
  • Contracts
  • Annual Incentive/Bonus Compensation
  • Long-term Bonus/Incentive Compensation
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Perquisites
  • Paid Time Off
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans

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Results Webinar

View the April 1 presentation that provides an overview of the 2021 study results.
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Coming Soon

Watch your inbox this summer for a release of the 2021 executive summary of this survey, which will provide an overview of the survey’s top trends.


Contact Brian Snyder at bsnyder@namic.org for more information about this unique study.


Brian Snyder
Senior Project Manager