Nasdaq Boardvantage®

Enjoy a Board Portal Discount Through NAMIC

NAMIC has partnered with Nasdaq Boardvantage® to offer members a discount on new subscriptions to this powerful corporate governance communication platform.

NAMIC members who do not have a current subscription with this platform can earn a 15 percent discount off the retail price of the Nasdaq Boardvantage platform.


Nasdaq Boardvantage is an online solution that helps companies run their board meetings, organize and share materials with directors, and document board activities in a secure online environment.

More than half of Fortune 100 companies trust Nasdaq Boardvantage, a NAMIC national market member, to provide streamlined corporate governance services. The online portal will allow your company to:

  • Create “Board Books,” which can contain all the materials and resources needed to conduct a board meeting

  • Build quick surveys and other questionnaires for directors

  • Use e-sign documents and solicit approvals and unanimous consent votes

  • Easily edit and change documents

  • Assign tasks to directors and staff and easily track progress

  • Expand the platform to handle multiple boards, committees, and subgroups

  • Access board materials on laptops, tablets, or smartphones

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As a benefit of membership, NAMIC members who are new customers of the Nasdaq Boardvantage portal can take advantage of the 15 percent discount on annual subscriptions to this platform. Please click the button below to get the discount.

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Brian Snyder
Senior Project Manager