Governance Practices & Board Compensation

Returning to Enter Your 2016 Data?

Thank you for your continued participation! To get started right away click the “login” link in the orange box. If you are not already logged in to the website, you will need to provide your username and password to access the survey platform. Reset your password here. Use the “copy prior year data” tool to save time.

Is This Your First Time Participating?

Downloading the Quick Start Guide to learn how to get started. You can also watch an informative 42-minute webinar recorded November 2, 2015. To view the webinar—you may need to provide your name and email address to gain access.

Assign another member of your team with the authority to enter data and view reports by clicking the “assign others access” in the orange box and providing their name and email address.

Finally, NAMIC suggests beginning with your 2015 data and then using the “copy prior year data” tool to save time and share even more data.

Want to Know More Before You Begin?

Thank you for your interest in the NAMIC Governance Practices & Board Compensation Survey. In partnership with industry leaders, NAMIC has developed this cloud-based platform to provide Governance Practices and Board Compensation data specifically for Property/Casualty Conference members. Start by entering your company’s data, then purchase your 12-month access to gain immediate results. Use the results to benchmark against peers and plan for your company and board members’ future.

What Is Included in the Results?

NAMIC has partnered with industry leaders to incorporated several areas to make this tool more comprehensive for members. The survey includes:

  • Governance practices

  • Remuneration and benefits

  • Committee structure and meeting schedule

  • Succession planning and evaluation

  • Education and risk oversight

  • Meeting materials distribution and technology usage

  • Download the Sample Report

Pricing? (Be a NAMIC member and save money – share your data and save more!)

NAMIC Members who complete at least 80% of survey will SAVE 33% over non-participating members

Non-member Purchaser: $1,249
Non-member Participant: $749
Member Purchaser: $549
Member Participant: $349

To purchase results, please log in.

All choices provide unlimited access to virtually endless reporting options for 12 months after purchase date. Members are encouraged to continue entering data all year, so check back often to always have the most current results. Thank you!


Please download and review the documents and webinar linked above on this page to help you get more familiar with the Governance Practices & Board Compensation tool and to learn how you can save time and money when you participate. If you still have questions or need assistance getting started contact the or call (317) 875-5250.


Susan Morgan
Project Coordinator



Kristen Spriggs
Senior Vice President - Member Development