NAMIC Political Action Committee (PAC) | Prior Approval Form

The Federal Election Commission requires that corporate trade associations like NAMIC (which have corporate members, not individual members) receive permission from a company executive prior to soliciting a PAC contribution from themselves or their employees.

​I recognize the value of staying politically informed and authorize NAMIC PAC to contact me and those I designate per federal guidelines for voluntary, personal contributions during the years indicated by me below. I understand that my company may not approve a solicitation by any other trade association for these years.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

To learn more about Prior Approvals, click here or contact Ingrid Gremillion at or (202) 580-6740.


Jimi Grande
Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs



Kristin Eichhorn
Assistant Vice President – Political Involvement Programs



Ingrid Gremillion
PAC Manager

202.580.6740 x1207