NAMIC Political Action Committee (PAC) | FAQ


NAMIC PAC is a federal political action committee (PAC) and is 100 percent funded by voluntary eligible employee and member contributions. The PAC allows NAMIC employees and members to pool their political contributions and support candidates on both sides of the aisle who support the property/casualty insurance industry. NAMIC PAC unifies the voice of the mutual property/casualty insurance industry to support insurance-friendly state and federal candidates who advocate for open markets and freedom from unnecessary regulation, burdensome litigation, bad faith initiatives and onerous taxation.


Federal law prohibits corporate and trade association contributions to federal candidates and similar prohibitions exist in many states. NAMIC PAC is our only avenue to financially support champions of our industry at the federal level and in many state houses. NAMIC uses this employee and member funded vehicle to inform, educate, update and elect candidates for political office.

Why Should I Give To NAMIC PAC?

The trial bar and the labor unions will continue to flex their political muscle, and if we do not continue to strengthen our political arm in Washington and the state capitols, our message is at risk of being drowned-out. Now is not the time to maintain the status quo, now is the time to become more involved than ever. The future success of your business and our industry are dependent on even more successful political involvement – because it works, and it matters.

How Are Contributions To Candidates Determined?

NAMIC PAC is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of a range of senior executives from large and small mutual companies that represent the scope of NAMIC’s diverse membership. Trustees discuss important legislative issues facing NAMIC membership, as well as oversee all PAC contributions and fundraising efforts. NAMIC pays all administrative and solicitation costs for NAMIC PAC – so 100 percent of NAMIC PAC contributions go directly to supporting industry-friendly candidates.

To which candidates did the PAC contribute last cycle?

NAMIC PAC is committed to supporting bi-partisan candidates at the Federal, state and local level who are supportive of our issues and will consider our views before casting a vote. To learn more about the PAC’s contributions and legislative successes, please click here for the PAC Cycle Report.

How is the PAC governed?

NAMIC PAC is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprised of NAMIC member company senior executives. The Trustees represent companies of all sizes across the country. The NAMIC PAC Board of Trustees work with NAMIC staff to promote political involvement, raise awareness for the PAC amongst the NAMIC membership and approve all disbursements to state and federal candidates.

How Much Should I Give To NAMIC PAC?

Whether you’re new to NAMIC PAC or updating your annual giving this year, a set of five suggested contribution levels is provided for your convenience. NAMIC PAC needs your help to protect what’s most important – your company and your policyholders – and to show that NAMIC members remain committed to seeing real change in Washington. With your support, NAMIC PAC will continue to be a powerful voice for you – so lawmakers will know that when we speak, they must listen. Keep in mind, small contribution amounts from many people add up to help our success.

Who can be solicited for the PAC?

Executive, managerial, or administrative personnel of a company may be solicited for and contribute to NAMIC PAC, assuming their company has provided prior authorization. These individuals, such as, corporate officers, executives, division managers, lawyers, etc., are paid on a salary rather than an hourly basis. They also are trusted with policymaking, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities. Corporate directors may be solicited if they are stockholders or receive a regular salary or fee from the company. Any person, including employees who are stockholders, may be solicited, even if they are not executive or administrative personnel.

How can I be more involved in the PAC?

After you have contributed to the PAC, consider starting a NAMIC PAC Campaign within your company. The best way to grow NAMIC PAC and ensure our voice is to encourage others to join. Any dollar amount can have a significant impact. Before you begin your campaign, contact NAMIC PAC staff to walk you through the process. It’s that simple. Staff will customize and provide you with all of the materials and resources you will need for a successful campaign.

If you have additional questions or would like more information about NAMIC PAC, how to participate or how to start a NAMIC PAC Campaign within your company, please contact Kristin Eichhorn at


Jimi Grande
Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs



Kristin Eichhorn
Assistant Vice President – Political Involvement Programs