NAMIC Available to Comment on COVID-19 Insurance Questions

As federal and state governments respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, questions about insurance coverage and potential insurance-based solutions continue to enter into the conversation. The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies has been a leading voice representing the property/casualty insurance industry, including companies providing business interruption coverage, and is ready to assist members of the media in understanding what insurance can and cannot do in the current crisis.

NAMIC represents more than 1,400 member companies. The association supports regional and local mutual insurance companies on main streets across America and many of the country’s largest national insurers. NAMIC member companies write $268 billion in annual premiums, accounting for 59 percent of homeowners, 46 percent of automobile, and 29 percent of the business insurance markets.

NAMIC advocates are active in every state in the country and on Capitol Hill and can provide valuable insight on different insurance products, the policy debate taking place, and various proposed solutions. For further information or to arrange an interview with one of NAMIC’s advocates, please contact: Cathy Imus, Matt Brady, or Lauren Anderson.

Article Posted: 03.20.20
Last Updated: 03.20.20


Catherine Imus
Vice President - Public Affairs



Matt Brady
Senior Director of Advocacy Communications



Lauren Anderson
Manager, Media Relations