NAMIC Urges Action on House Legislation as National Flood Insurance Program is Extended for One Month

Statement by Jimi Grande
Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

RE: Another Short-Term NFIP Extension

“Once again Congress has kicked the can down the road when it comes to the National Flood Insurance Program, and once again flood insurers and their policyholders are left to wonder if the program will be allowed to lapse just weeks from now because of congressional inaction.

“The House Financial Services Committee in June voted unanimously to pass bipartisan legislation that would provide the stability of a five-year reauthorization as well as long overdue reforms to help policyholders. Congress should send this bill to the president immediately. Keeping the program running in fits and starts helps no one; it’s time for Congress to get serious about helping those at risk of flooding by passing the House NFIP reform and reauthorization.”

Article Posted: 11.21.19
Last Updated: 11.21.19


Matt Brady
Senior Director of Advocacy Communications