NAMIC Introduces New Chairman at 123rd Annual Convention

SAN ANTONIO – (Sept. 26, 2018) The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies welcomed its new chairman – Henry R. Gibbel, president and CEO of Lititz Mutual Insurance Company – today during the final general session of its 123rd Annual Convention.

Gibbel and his family have a long history with the mutual insurance industry and with NAMIC. He is the fourth Henry Gibbel to lead Lititz Mutual and the third to serve as NAMIC chairman. He spoke of these generational connections when he addressed fellow industry professionals.

“Mutual insurance has been good to the Gibbel family,” he said. “It is in our DNA. NAMIC is also part of our DNA. How can it not be when three of us have served as chairman of the association?”

Gibbel urged convention attendees to become engaged ambassadors for the mutual insurance industry and NAMIC. “I encourage you to make mutual insurance and NAMIC part of your DNA. Make the M in the NAMIC logo not only stand for mutual but for membership. Become involved,” he said. “There are numerous committees, services, and educational events that provide ample opportunities to get the most from your membership and to better fulfill the responsibilities you have to your policyholders.”

During the next 12 months, Gibbel will travel across the country to visit with mutual insurance company professionals. He will also serve as a leading spokesperson for the association when called to meet with legislators, regulators, and other industry stakeholders.


Lauren Anderson
Manager, Media Relations