NAMIC Responds to Florida Assignment of Benefits Legislation

Liz Reynolds
Regional Vice President, Southeast Region
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

“SB 1168 will have little, if any, positive effect on assignment of benefits abuse in Florida. While NAMIC members are not against the use of AOBs per se, we are against allowing anyone other than the policyholder to avail themselves of one-way attorney fees, which were intended only for use by policyholders, not third-party vendors. Who pays for this abuse? Floridians do. And, it’s not just insurers who are calling for a change. Consumer groups, homeowners, and the media including the Wall Street Journal have come out in favor of AOB reform. It seems, however, that this collective cry for change – even from some members of the Legislature – has been unceremoniously dismissed.”



Lisa Floreancig
Senior Director of Communications