NAMIC Leadership

  • Neil  Alldredge

    Neil Alldredge


  • Mark  Vander Kooy

    Mark Vander Kooy

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Jimi  Grande

    Jimi Grande

    Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs

  • Erin  Collins

    Erin Collins

    Senior Vice President - State and Policy Affairs

  • Sarah  Schnettler

    Sarah Schnettler

    Senior Vice President – Member Experience

  • Crista  Hassett

    Crista Hassett

    Senior Vice President - Events, Education, & Association Services

  • Andrew  Kirkner

    Andrew Kirkner

    General Counsel

  • Shannon  Ollikainen

    Shannon Ollikainen

    Chief of Staff/Assistant Corporate Secretary

  • Stephen  Ott

    Stephen Ott

    Vice President – IT & Building Services

  • Jonathan  Rodgers

    Jonathan Rodgers

    Vice President - Finance

  • Matt  Houston

    Matt Houston

    Vice President - Marketing Communications

  • Justin  Hakes

    Justin Hakes

    Vice President - Public Affairs

Mark Vander Kooy

Mark Vander Kooy
Chief Strategy Officer

Mark Vander Kooy

Mark Vander Kooy was named NAMIC’s chief strategy officer in June 2022 to foster the association’s continued growth and sustain its mission into the future. He has more than 25 years of experience creating, managing, and growing productive teams while increasing revenue in a variety of industries. In this position, Vander Kooy oversees NAMIC departments – Corporate Strategy & Member Experience, Accounting/Treasury, NAMIC Insurance Agency/NIA, Building Services, and Information Technology.

Prior to joining NAMIC, he served as the CEO of Traders Point Creamery, an Indianapolis-based agritourism company and food brand, from 2015 until 2022. In 2001, he founded an electronic recycling services company, and, after its acquisition, he went on to launch a consulting company focusing on corporate strategy and improving team culture, while also acquiring a local cartage company.

Vander Kooy has a business degree from Calvin University.