NAMIC Leadership

  • Neil  Alldredge

    Neil Alldredge


  • Jimi  Grande

    Jimi Grande

    Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs

  • Erin  Collins

    Erin Collins

    Senior Vice President - State and Policy Affairs

  • Sarah  Schnettler

    Sarah Schnettler

    Senior Vice President – Member Experience

  • Crista  Hassett

    Crista Hassett

    Senior Vice President - Events, Education, & Association Services

  • Andrew  Kirkner

    Andrew Kirkner

    General Counsel

  • Shannon  Ollikainen

    Shannon Ollikainen

    Chief of Staff/Assistant Corporate Secretary

  • Stephen  Ott

    Stephen Ott

    Vice President – IT & Building Services

  • Jonathan  Rodgers

    Jonathan Rodgers

    Vice President - Finance

  • Matt  Houston

    Matt Houston

    Vice President - Marketing Communications

  • Justin  Hakes

    Justin Hakes

    Vice President - Public Affairs

  • Nathan  Salati

    Nathan Salati

    Chief Financial Officer

Crista Hassett

Crista Hassett
Senior Vice President - Events, Education, & Association Services

Crista Hassett

As senior vice president of events, education, & association services for NAMIC, Crista Hassett oversees the association’s in-person and virtual education. During her more than 15 years with NAMIC, Hassett has held several education- and meeting-related positions that have given her leadership experience in event design, event technology planning and implementation, marketing, content development, committee management, long-term planning, and operational oversight.

Prior to joining NAMIC, Hassett worked at the YMCA, first as membership and marketing director and then as director of business operations. During her time with the YMCA, she earned the organization’s senior director certification, which focused on running a nonprofit from an executive level.

Hassett earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism and a certification in marketing from Purdue University. She holds the Certified Meeting Planner designation as well as the Certificate in Meeting Management. She is a member of Meeting Professionals International.