NAMIC Leadership

  • Neil  Alldredge

    Neil Alldredge


  • Jimi  Grande

    Jimi Grande

    Senior Vice President - Federal & Political Affairs

  • Erin  Collins

    Erin Collins

    Senior Vice President - State and Policy Affairs

  • Sarah  Schnettler

    Sarah Schnettler

    Senior Vice President – Member Experience

  • Crista  Hassett

    Crista Hassett

    Senior Vice President - Events, Education, & Association Services

  • Andrew  Kirkner

    Andrew Kirkner

    General Counsel

  • Shannon  Ollikainen

    Shannon Ollikainen

    Chief of Staff/Assistant Corporate Secretary

  • Stephen  Ott

    Stephen Ott

    Vice President – IT & Building Services

  • Jonathan  Rodgers

    Jonathan Rodgers

    Vice President - Finance

  • Matt  Houston

    Matt Houston

    Vice President - Marketing Communications

  • Justin  Hakes

    Justin Hakes

    Vice President - Public Affairs

  • Nathan  Salati

    Nathan Salati

    Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Kirkner

Andrew Kirkner
General Counsel

Andrew Kirkner

Andrew Kirkner is NAMIC’s general counsel. He provides in-house legal advisement to NAMIC and affiliated entities, orchestrates the association’s national business and advocacy litigation, and oversees NAMIC's compliance offerings for member companies.

Kirkner joined NAMIC in 2018, serving first as regional vice president for the Ohio Valley/Mid-Atlantic region and then as assistant vice president of state affairs.

Before joining NAMIC, Kirkner practiced law in Washington, D.C., and West Virginia, where he represented a wide range of clients, including insurers.

Kirkner is a graduate of Bridgewater College and the West Virginia University College of Law.