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411 Webinar | 2020 Property/Casualty Compensation Survey – Results & Trends

September 16, 2020

Learn the latest compensation trends in the property/casualty insurance industry as Kaitlyn Isley of McLagan reveals new data from the NAMIC Property/Casualty Compensation Survey. This webinar will review overall data trends in pay and provide insights on what top companies are doing to recruit top talent.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Implications for the Claims Handling Process

September 16, 2020

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is reshaping the traditional claims handling process. Beginning at first notice of loss, AI and ML engines can perform assignment triage through early severity and fraud identification. These technologies can also provide adjusters new insight into resolution strategies. However, in most claims situations, AI and ML are augmenting adjuster expertise, not replacing it. This session will focus on the various types of AI and ML technologies and how they are being used in the claims handling process.

411 Webinar | 2020 Property/Casualty Compensation Survey – Results & Trends

September 16, 2020

Learn the latest compensation trends in the property/casualty insurance industry as Kaitlyn Isley of McLagan reveals new data from the NAMIC Property/Casualty Compensation Survey. This webinar will review overall data trends in pay and provide insights on what top companies are doing to recruit top talent.

Navigating a Growing Industry

September 15, 2020

The presentation will explore cannabis’s various risk classifications types – from seed to sale – and the unique exposures each risk presents. Additional context will be provided about underwriting considerations for main coverages, including property, crop, financial lines, and stock throughput. The session will conclude with a discussion on unaddressed market needs and potential areas for growth.

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Take Commercial Lines Underwriting to the Next Level

September 10, 2020

As profit margins shrink and customer expectations rise, finding new ways to automate high-volume, repetitive manual tasks is key to accelerating response times and delivering exceptional customer service. Being able to speed up policy issuance, achieve contract certainty, and reduce policy rework are essential in a world where competitive differentiation will no longer be based solely on product or price, but rather on experience. In this session, attendees will learn how artificial intelligence can help take underwriting to the next level.



September 10, 2020 | Expires September 10, 2023

This course will provide an understanding of the impact that different types of retirement plans can have on a small mutual insurance company. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Finance & Accounting module.

Drones – What You Need to Know

September 03, 2020

Agricultural enterprises are depending on drones more and more to improve productivity and reduce costs. Claims organizations are also beginning to use drones as tools for evaluating losses. Attendees will learn background information on drones and their uses as well as current information regarding federal regulation of drones. This session will be of assistance whether a claims professional is using drones in the investigative process or is handling a claim because of coverage for an insured.

Leverage Your Agencies' Digital Marketing to Strengthen Relationships and Drive Growth

September 9, 2020

Learn how you can leverage your agencies’ digital marketing to strengthen the relationship with them, increase brand awareness, and generate increased policy sales for your organization and your agencies by taking on digital marketing coordination and support.

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Expires September 8, 2023

Insurance companies maintain a wide variety of computer records to support their insurance business. State and federal laws and court cases establish the principles for legally creating, maintaining and destroying computer records. How do you create computer records that will be considered reliable, accurate and acceptable for regulatory and litigation purposes? How do you systematically destroy computer records under your records retention program? How you can avoid the legal and information management problems of electronic mail? Join Don Skupsky as he reviews the basic legal expectations and requirements for computer records. The key state and federal laws will be reviewed and analyzed in plain English, leading to a plan of action for a legally-acceptable computer records program.

Understanding and Underwriting the Unknown

August 27, 2020

As the data world is evolving, the insurance market is at a crossroad. Carriers need to weigh the balance between speed and profitability during the underwriting process. During the underwriting process, there are several unknowns about the property at the time of underwriting. With an increase in catastrophes and weather-related events impacting combined ratios, carriers are finding it harder to grow profitably. Carriers are not able to inspect every property, and underwriters cannot review every application in detail. This session will highlight how carriers will be able to leverage emerging technologies to better understand the unknowns and make well-informed underwriting decisions. The session will also discuss the evolution of home inspections, the impact of computer vision and machine learning in underwriting, and what the future might have in store.

Opioid-Related BI Claims and Other Complex Medical Issues

August 26, 2020

Cases involving complex medical issues can be difficult to resolve and will often require additional investigation by claims professionals. This session will concentrate on medical conditions that can be exacerbated by a bona fide injury claim. It will also cover addictions that can arise because of the type of care following an injury This will include opioid addictions and co-morbidities such as diabetes or obesity.

Insurance for the Legalized Marijuana Industry

August 25, 2020

When it comes to how insurance works in the marijuana industry, it can be a problem if you don’t know your facts. This session will provide an overview of the various types of insurance policies the cannabis industry is seeking – property/casualty and directors and officers, for example – and the issues that arise with each of them. It will discuss various insurance issues in the marijuana industry such as enforceability/non-enforceability of insurance policies. The presenter will also touch on how insurance companies can ensure that they don't inadvertently insure cannabis activity.

Commercial Cyber – Is Your Coverage Keeping Up With the Latest Threats?

August 20, 2020

Hackers are getting smarter, but is your cyber insurance coverage keeping up? Join this session to learn about the evolving cyber threats and the newest methods hackers are using to disrupt computer systems and access valuable data. See how to map these emerging exposures to cyber insurance coverage and learn how to look for cyber policies that can keep up with current and future risks. Finally, discover how technology is helping analyze and manage cyber risks as well as provide loss modeling for your cyber program.

Managing Expert Witnesses

August 19, 2020

This session will identify difference types of experts and analyze how and when they are used in the claims handling process. It will also explore how experts should be vetted to ensure the best outcome on a case when they are used.

Climate Change, Its Impact on Insurance Underwriting, and the Latest Industry Response

August 18, 2020

The latest climate data available clearly indicates significant changes in weather indices, which when combined with changing exposures are materially impacting insurance underwriting and claims experiences. The industry is responding in many new, innovative ways to more effectively position themselves, mitigate increased risk, and profit from resulting emerging opportunities. During this session, attendees will learn about the actions being taken by leading carriers and leave with practical recommendations for tangible next steps for mutual insurers.

Transforming Customer Intelligence into Cultural Innovation

August 17, 2020

The amount of information that bombards us daily too frequently obscures true insight. Intelligence should drive better innovation, but unless it is strategically collected and used, it functions like an engaging distraction. Innovation starts with discovery – where an innovator pinpoints an important customer problem to solve – and smart companies intertwine customer intelligence throughout their innovation processes. This presentation will discuss how to effectively capture ground-level intelligence by asking the right questions and how to identify undiscovered customer needs to build innovation and move leaps and bounds beyond your competition.

Turn-Key Solutions

August 13, 2020

From equipment breakdown, employment practices liability insurance, cyber, liquor, professional, flood, and more, there are turnkey solutions to help carriers get into lines of business quickly, efficiently, and with the expertise and backing of specialty reinsurers. This session will take a high-level look at typical turnkey products. It will explore the basics of how the products work and touch on how carriers can work closely with their reinsurer of choice to collaborate on existing products and new ideas.



August 13, 2020 | Expires August 13, 2023

This course will provide a high-level overview of the underwriting process. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Operations & Insurance module.

When the Insured is a Claimant: Underinsured Motorists and Uninsured Motorists

August 12, 2020

This session will explore how underinsured motorists and uninsured motorists claims can create an adversarial relationship with insureds. The coverage, what it means for claims professionals, and how to approach resolution of the insured’s claim will all be explained.

Social Inflation: The Next ‘Perfect Storm’ in Casualty?

August 11, 2020

In the wake of the very poor results suffered by commercial auto writers in the United States, attention has turned toward liability and umbrella results, and the signs are concerning. Throughout 2019, there was increasing industry commentary on social inflation as a key cause of deteriorating casualty results. Social inflation generally refers to the rising costs of insurance claims that are a result of societal trends and views toward increased litigation, broader contract interpretations, plaintiff-friendly legal decisions, and larger jury awards. This session will explore social inflation and its impact on casualty lines.

The Art and Science of Statement Taking

August 8, 2020

This session will focus on statements as an investigative tool. It will examine various types of statements, including written statements, recorded statements, and examinations under oath, as well as how and why they are taken. Guidelines for statements that involve unique situations will also be provided.

Workers’ Compensation: Cost Containment Strategies

August 6, 2020

While third-party actions provide little control over costs incurred by an injured party, workers’ compensation laws provide a host of procedures that can reduce medical costs and reduce indemnity benefits. This session will explore cost-containment strategies that can be used to reduce medical costs and the costs of indemnity in workers’ compensation claims.

The Evolution of the Cannabis Industry in North America

August 5, 2020

This presentation will provide an outline of the evolution of the legal cannabis industry to date, including seed-to-sale companies and ancillary businesses, and industry predictions. The presenters will focus on providing clarity of what medical and recreational use is and is not, current state and federal legislative actions, and how hemp and CBD different from cannabis. The session will address challenges and issues impacting the insurance industry during this period of growth and how they will evolve. It will close with a discussion of risks, opportunities, and questions that exist for insurance companies.

Overview of the Reinsurance Market for Mutual Insurance Companies – Past, Present and Future

July 30, 2020

This session will discuss the evolution of the reinsurance market as it pertains to mutual insurance companies and will show a prospective look as to where it may go. Attendees will learn how mutual companies principally accessed and used reinsurance in the past. They will also learn about the current state of the reinsurance market for mutuals; how expansion of product and market participants has made it easier for mutuals to access reinsurance capital to support their business needs; and the ways in which reinsurers are looking to maintain relevance and support the mutual business model by developing additional products and services to augment the value their risk capital provides in the future. This session will also touch on mutual company reinsurance buying trends and how the use of enhanced data and technology has made the process of transferring risk more strategic and bespoke for individual companies.



July 29, 2020 | Expires July 29, 2023

This session will provide an understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on board responsibilities. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Management module.

The Customer Mission

July 29, 2020

For all the industry talk about being customer focused, few companies are truly are. It's all too easy for organizations to become inward focused and think about their own activities rather than what their customers are going through. Andrea Olson, author of "No Disruptions" and CEO of Pragmadik, will discuss how organizations need to step back from their assumptions and shift their strategies to center on recognizing, responding, and rewarding customer-centric actions and behaviors.

Implementation Case Study of AI Application in Underwriting

July 28, 2020

Artificial Intelligence will change the world more in the next decade than the internet has in the past 25 years. This session will focus on how AI is drastically changing the way the trillion-dollar global property insurance industry has been assessing risk for decades. Instead of heavy reliance on costly inspections or self-reported information by the insured, insurers can now leverage highly accurate data captured by AI from high-resolution imagery from satellite, low-flying aircraft, and drones. This data will revolutionize underwriting and pricing as well as provide an engaging, digital experience for customers and agents. This session will focus on current production-scale applications of AI in the property/casualty insurance industry.

Intellectual Property Do’s and Don’ts in Insurance Marketing

July 23, 2020

This webinar will cover intellectual property pitfalls and identify best practices for insurance marketing, particularly as it relates to online marketing and website design. It will address avoiding copyright trolls, rights-of-publicity issues, trademark protections, protecting content, and dealing with fraudsters, all in the context of insurance regulation and emerging privacy regulation.

Claims Processing: Communication in an Instantaneous World

July 22, 2020

Speed and clarity in communication seem to be in opposition, but both are being demanded by consumers. This session will review different types of communication and how excellent communication skills can lead to improved results. It will discuss techniques adjusters can use to maintain control of a claim through to final resolution.

Current EPL Underwriting Trends – Emerging Exposure

July 21, 2020

The session will focus on the current employment practices liability underwriting trends that carriers have been monitoring. More specifically, there are several evolving workplace trends that have demonstrated further complications with the employer/employee relationship that can create additional exposures for an employer. These emerging trends are creating new venues for harassment and discrimination, which are examples of the evolving workplace that can create liability exposure. Although the trends apply to all employers regardless of size, the session will focus on small business owners and highlight the importance of having EPL coverage to protect their businesses.

Where There's Smoke There's Cyber: The Cannabis Industry's Market Need for Data Breach and Cyber Insurance Solutions

July 16, 2020

The cannabis industry raises considerable data privacy and cyber-liability risks based on the manner in which it operates. While often considered small or midsize businesses, cannabis dispensaries and the producers they offer have onerous state compliance reporting requirements. Furthermore, the industry relies heavily on technical solutions and massive amounts of personal data for operations, marketing, auditing, and security. All of that combined with a very limited choice of industry technology solutions can create a perfect storm of cyber insurance risks for the cannabis industry. In this session, attendees will learn how the insurance industry can mitigate the cyber risks of cannabis in the insurance industry.

Cannabis in the Workplace – Implications for Insurers

July 15, 2020

Employers are increasingly perplexed about how to avoid mistakes that could result in claims when confronting employees’ the medical and recreational marijuana use, on and off the clock. During this session, attendees will learn about recent changes in state laws and effective guidelines for insurers to help employers establish workplace safety and productivity in this fast-changing environment. This webinar will include concrete real-world examples from which insurers and employers can learn.

Everyone Has an Online Reputation – Take Control and Protect Yours

July 14, 2020

Learn how to adopt an online reputation management strategy to stay on top of your reputation, gauge customer sentiment, and generate new reviews on a regular basis.

Commutations 101

July 8, 2020

This program defines commutation and the purpose and steps to completing a commutation, including identifying targets and motivators, gathering required information, carrying out the assessment and completing the reconciliation process, and conducting negotiations.

Wildfire Trends and Climate Change – Mitigating Risks

July 7, 2020

The new megafire age is here, and insurance companies need to know that it means for the future. During this session, David Jowell will take attendees on a deep dive into the lessons learned from previous wildfires that may assist in forecasting future exposures. He will review emerging trends in frequency and severity and evaluate wildfire scoring models for accuracy. He will also evaluate the latest mitigation, building, and firefighting techniques as reliable defense mechanisms.

E&O and Bad Faith

July 9, 2020

During this session, attendees will explore new theories being put forth by plaintiffs and their attorneys regarding bad-faith allegations. There will also be a discussion about bad-faith set-ups employed by plaintiff attorneys, the inclusion of consequential damages when determining bad faith judgments, and the potential for personal accountability by the adjuster if the plaintiff is successful. The session will conclude with a discussion of risk management steps claims professionals can initiate to prevent bad-faith allegations.


July 7, 2020 | Expires July 7, 2023

This course will dive deep into CGAD and its implications in the mutual insurance industry. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Management module.

The Impact of ADAS on Insurance Costs

July 2, 2020

Adaptive driver assistance systems are being incorporated into more vehicles on the road today. While these systems are designed to reduce accidents and save lives, the impact on insurance costs is not as clear. One reason for this is that the presence of these systems is not easily determined. Join this session to hear from Pinnacle Actuaries about the results of research on the true impact of ADAS when it comes to the frequency of accidents and the ultimate costs related to injuries and repairs.

COVID-19: How to Add Value to Your Customers and Business Through a Continuous Telematics Connection

June 30, 2020

Now more than ever, companies need to build much deeper ties to customers because of the technology that has enabled frequent, low-friction, customized digital interactions. Instead of waiting for customers to come directly to insurance companies, carriers need to flip their mindsets and meet their customers the moment their needs arise, sometimes even earlier. Through this shift of doing business, insurance carriers can create value for themselves, their customers, and society. This session will dive into how COVID-19 has impacted the insurance industry and show examples in which telematics can provide better touchpoints with customers to make engagement less disruptive and more meaningful.

Skills for Tomorrow’s Claims Leaders

June 25, 2020

Automation and artificial intelligence are creating a number of process efficiencies in claims departments; however, as technology advances, new skill sets are required to deliver exceptional customer experiences to policyholders. While hard skills remain important, soft or “human” skills such as empathy, problem-solving, and prioritization are vital for the future of work. In today’s quickly evolving insurance landscape, claims leaders must focus on human skills to strategically leverage the unique capabilities of both humans and machines. In this webinar, attendees will learn important skills to adapt to the changing claims environment.

Flood Insurance – Past, Present, and Future

June 23, 2020

Flood insurance continues to garner increasing attention among regulators, insurers, lawmakers, and the public. With ongoing federal funding challenges, pressure on the system from continued land development along flood-prone areas, potential impacts of climate change, and increasing amounts of data available to assess risk, alternatives to the current flood insurance system are being discussed. This webinar will look at the history of flood insurance, assess the current state – including challenges and opportunities, and discuss some potential future alternatives for this coverage.

Social Media 101

June 18, 2020

If your mutual is just getting started in the social media experience or you’re wanting a refresher, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn the basics and get a sampling of the how-tos for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Medicare Triple Whammy: CRC Recovery, Treasury Claims and Medicare Advantage Recovery Claims

June 17, 2020

Under The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Commercial Repayment Center policy, Medicare is aggressively pursuing conditional payment recovery before settlement on certain claims. The U.S. Treasury Department has also increased recovery efforts. Lastly, minimum advertised prices are aggressively pursuing claims payers for lien reimbursement and double damages. This session examines claims strategies to stay compliant and minimize risk.

Personal and Farm Cyber

June 16, 2020

Cyber is hitting closer to home more than ever before. The interconnectivity of technology at home and on the farm has made us all potential targets. Join this session to discuss the risks and threats in today’s world, learn about ways to keep your family safe online, and discuss the protections the insurance community can provide policyholders. A variety of industry professionals will be involved in this session to give unique perspectives on the threats families and farm owners currently face.

Cannabis Product Liability Risks and Risk Management

June 15, 2020

One of the most frightening aspects of insuring cannabis-related businesses is the product liability exposure. While there have been virtually no product liability claims related to cannabis consumption, there’s a first time for everything, and the insurance industry needs to be ready. Join this webinar to hear Brenda Wells, an insurance expert, and Melissa Roeder, a product liability defense attorney, discuss the products liability risks associated with cannabis.

Marketing Ideas for Your Farm Mutual

June 11, 2020

Insurance customer behaviors are changing. Can your customers find you? Are you making it easy for them to do business with you? This session will discuss how to use digital marketing, personal relationships, and fun to grow quality business that will benefit your mutual’s bottom line.


June 11, 2020 | Expires June 11, 2023

This course will provide insight into industry performance metrics to help board members understand the numbers behind financial and operational performance. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Finance & Accounting module.

Subrogation – Best Practices, Fresh Ideas

June 10, 2020

Subrogation has long been a critical component of the loss adjustment process, but the aggressive pursuit of it has become increasingly important in the ever-changing insurance environment. Join this session for a review of best practices and fresh ideas for this critical component of the claims profession. Learn how to retrain yourself and your team to think about subrogation first. Attendees will also review tactics to manage subrogation costs.

Not Connected Homes – Connected Customers

June 9, 2020

Insurance perennially ranks poorly in customer satisfaction when compared to other industries. In the case of home insurance, the underlying need is for shelter, but traditional home insurance merely provides funds after damage to shelter. In this session, attendees will learn how newer insurtechs leverage sensors in a connected-home environment to evolve the customer experience from salvaging a broken home to subscribing to preventive maintenance.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

June 8, 2020

Litigation is an expensive way to conclude losses, both in terms of money and time. During this session, the presenter will discuss alternative dispute resolution processes that claims professionals can employ to conclude cases more quickly and at less expense. It will include an in-depth discussion of mediation and arbitration as resolution techniques, including steps claims professionals should take to ensure success when one of these options is selected.

Adapting to Changes in Customer Experience Expectations to Protect Your Top Line

June 3, 2020

During this session, Kevin Rall will discuss how other industries are setting new expectations for customer experience, how the insurance industry is responding, and how disruptors and innovators in insurance are leveraging technology to establish new market expectations for prospects, policyholders, claimants, and agents. Specific examples that highlight how new technologies and the rethinking of processes and products are changing the insurance experience will be shared. Kevin will review the most promising emerging and traditional technologies and highlight some best practices for creating and sustaining an awareness of customer experience and expectations.

The Changing Auto Physical Damage (ADP) Calims Landscape

June 4, 2020

The auto claims industry is seeing many disruptors that are significantly changing how claims are handled. During this session, Ernst & Young claims advisory consultants Michael Curcio and Jim Kremer will discuss trends and disruptions specific to the auto physical damage/material damage industry, such as advancements in vehicle technology and construction, collision repair industry consolidation, virtual appraisal handling, and artificial intelligence. They will also provide key impacts that these changes are having on the industry, what carriers should focus on to take advantage of known disruptions, and information regarding forecasts of emerging disruptors that the industry should be preparing for.

Cannabis – Terpenes and Cannabinoids: Cannabis’ Chemical Components

June 2, 2020

This session will focus on terpenes and cannabinoids, two of a cannabis plant’s major chemical components. Terpenes provide the aroma and flavor of the cannabis plant while cannabinoids act on the human endocannabinoid system in a variety of ways. This session will explain both chemical components so that insurers might better understand the contents of the cannabis plant and the product liability risks associated with it.

Cannabis – Related Property & Liability Coverage Issues

May 27, 2020

What exactly do existing standardized insurance forms really say about coverage for cannabis? Is it covered property under most policies? Is the insurer on the hook for liability stemming from an insured providing someone else cannabis? This session will analyze some of the most common lines of insurance and discuss existing case law related to cannabis claims.

The Motivated Confirmation Bias and Its Negative Effect on Injury Claims Handling

May 20, 2020

Join Marc Kreiter of Forecast Systems as he explores a different method developed for handling claims. By avoiding prejudgment and preconception in the assignment of facts-to-element, strategies can lead to the development of unbalanced information. This strategy can provide a clear advantage throughout the entire claims process. The resulting contextual shift may illuminate a new standard for the resolution of the claim – as when the causal link between event and damage requires expert opinion, the motivated bias ignores relevant and material data to its proponent’s peril. The goal is to discover asymmetrical data made of facts and fact patterns that may lay beyond the scope of your opponent’s strategy, tactics, and even expert testimony. In this session, attendees will learn how the motivated confirmation bias is affecting the handling of injury claims.

Reinsurance Refresher

May 19, 2020

A refresher class on reinsurance, this webinar will touch on the key elements of a reinsurance transaction. It will explain what data is required for most reinsurance placements, assess how actuaries and catastrophe modelers analyze the data and the output they produce, and review how the information is marketed to reinsurers.

Underwriting Commercial Auto Using Telematics and Road Risk Data

May 14, 2020

The combined ratio for commercial auto in the United States continues its negative trend and will likely worsen, especially in light of increases in the number of vehicles and total miles driven as well as the influx of new inexperienced commercial drivers. How, then, can insurers tackle this profitability problem? Telematics data and road-risk information offer a path by benchmarking how drivers and fleets are performing and identifying those at risk and trends that can be predictive of losses. This session will probe the implementation of telematics, the effect of driving data on underwriting, and how insurers, agents, and fleet clients can all benefit from a data-driven approach to risk reduction.


May 14, 2020 | Expires May 14, 2023

This course will examine methods to keep strategic planning moving forward. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Management module.

Risk Update – Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

May 13, 2020

With the continued activity of state laws addressing the commercialization of marijuana and its use as well as the passage of the 2018 Farm Act by Congress, which partly changed some restrictions regarding industrial hemp, two new markets may be emerging in the United States. This webinar will explore the risks and uncertainties in these markets and highlight new exposures insurers may face.

Six Questions to Ask Before Designing Your Claims Quality Program

May 12, 2020

Effective quality assurance programs help insurance carriers drive claims quality and company-wide improvements. But with so many parties involved in the claims lifecycle, it can be difficult for insurers to isolate, measure, and improve key issues throughout the life of a claim. Driving quality is especially difficult across multiple teams, departments, locations, and quarters. Before building a new or revamped quality program, insurers must thoughtfully map out the goals, logistics, budget, and stakeholders. This session will discuss six essential questions insurers should ask before implementing a modern, company-wide claims quality process.

Simple Steps to Long-Term Client Loyalty

May 11, 2020

These days, customers expect a customer experience that’s personalized and on demand. How do insurance companies cultivate deeply connected – and profitable – experiences for customers without giving away too much? How do agents provide a tailored experience without getting crushed by the burden of client engagement? The questions can be overwhelming, but there is good news. You already have everything you need to keep your clients and the solution doesn’t require expensive technology. During this interactive session, customer experience expert and bestselling author of “Keep Your Customers” Ali Cudby will help attendees develop simple steps that deliver long-term, lucrative loyalty.

From Millions to Billions – What’s Driving the Deterioration in Personal Injury and Liability Verdicts?

May 7, 2020

Recent company results reflect some ominous trends – more “nuclear” verdicts, inflated settlement amounts, and concern that juries have become increasingly unpredictable. While research into these trends is ongoing, what is clear is that a several economic and sociological factors – some of which are unprecedented – are causing these results. This session will explore the factors and provide suggestions as to how the insurance industry might want to respond.

The Growth and Emergence of Personal Cyber Insurance

May 6, 2020

The past two years have seen growth in personal cyber coverage offerings and claims. Once thought of as only for high-net-worth clients, this coverage is now becoming more mainstream. Historically speaking, personal cyber risks were thought of as only identity theft. But as risks increase, there is a market for personal cyber coverage for matters such as ransom, anti-bullying, social engineering, and third-party liability. Handling these types of claims are uniquely different from commercial cyber claims. The types of vendors required are different, the level of interaction is considerable, and the policyholder may not be as sophisticated when it comes to computer systems. Attendees of this session will learn how to handle the unique differences of personal cyber insurance.

Advanced Analytics for Claims

May 5, 2020

The use of advanced analytics such as predictive modeling has been part of insurance rating for a few decades, but recently insurers have begun to realize that significant operational and customer experience benefits could also be gained in their claims operations by applying advanced analytics and insurtech. In addition, while tried and true, traditional claims reserving methods are being re-evaluated in light of the power that additional data and advanced analytics can provide. This session will dive deeper into such uses as individual claims reserving and other applications that can be of great benefit to insurers in their claims operations.

Creating Content: a Simple Strategy Tool to Create Content for Social Media

April 29, 2020

Creating engaging content can be very challenging. But the content you share can leave powerful impressions with your audience. Come learn a few simple ways to help develop meaningful content for your digital presence. This webinar will also include testing examples and helpful resources.

Social Inflation – Here We Go Again or the New Normal?

April 28, 2020

Recent company results reflect an ominous trend: more “nuclear” verdicts, inflated settlement amounts, and concern that juries have become increasingly unpredictable. Some commentators have suggested this trend indicates a return to social inflation. While social inflation was seen in the 1980s and 1990s, something feels different this time. This session will provide a working definition of social inflation, give detail as to the unique components driving this trend, and make suggestions as to what can be done to combat it.

Artificial Intelligence: Creating Super Commercial Underwriters

April 23, 2020

Market expectations are changing rapidly, and nearly every carrier is pursuing digital underwriting in some capacity. However, this journey is fraught with challenges, including where to start, how to manage change, and your bottom line, your ability to grow, and your customers’ experiences. Join this session to learn about key considerations to digitize its commercial underwriting process and what that means for its agents, customers, and business going forward.

Ransomware Rising: Cyber Loss Trends

April 22, 2020

In recent years, the cyber insurance loss landscape has been radically transformed. Changes in technology, regulation, and criminal behavior have given rise to new loss trends. Loss experience has been transformed from breaches of personal information to new major loss drivers like ransomware and fraud. This presentation we will share loss examples that demonstrate and illuminate these trends and will also explore how these loss trends are driving underwriting changes related to pricing, coverage breadth and risk appetite.

How To Make Your Agents Brand Ambassadors

April 21, 2020

You want your agency partners to push your insurance products instead of your competitors’. Co-branded marketing is a great way to help with that. However, when left to their own devices, not all agents know how to use the most effective marketing channels or keep brand consistency. This session focuses on how you can overcome those challenges to keep cohesive, centralized marketing and arm your agents with marketing campaigns that truly resonate.

Introduction to Reinsurance

April 20, 2020

Having a solid foundation of reinsurance knowledge is important for all kinds of insurance professionals. During this session, Molly Fogarty will cover what reinsurance is and the various types available. She will outline key functions and how companies benefit from purchasing reinsurance. Because the landscape of reinsurance is always evolving, she will also provide a current view of the reinsurance marketplace and how it has evolved over time.

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Insurance Policy Interpretation and Bad Faith Claims: A Tale of Two Cities (Or At Least Two Approaches)

Expires April 16, 2023

Courts around the country are increasingly interpreting insurance policies and reviewing bad faith claims against carriers with one of two approaches: one favoring insureds and policyholders, and one favoring insurance companies. Insurance policy provisions may be interpreted on a literal textual basis, which often favors insureds, or on a functional basis, which often favors insurers. Some states allow a relatively low evidentiary threshold for bad faith claims, with generous discovery of an insurer’s claims files and other materials. On the other hand, some states make it more difficult to pursue a bad faith claim against a carrier, often with limited discovery. Mr. Young will address both of these approaches to insurance policy interpretation and bad faith claims and will provide practical suggestions for how insurance companies can navigate these difficult issues in their claims handling.

Workplace Violence

April 16, 2020

Workplace violence is tragic, but it’s real. Does insurance have a role with education, crisis management, and helping victims in their times of need? Join this session as the presenter look at this topic through the lens of the insurance industry and how it can play an integral part.

Eight Critical Investments for Customer Experience Excellence

April 14, 2020

Customer experience is an essential component of a transformational journey and is interwoven throughout Strategy Meets Action’s three transformational areas for property/casualty insurers: digital business, foundational technologies, and transformational technologies. Customer experience is an organizational journey that begins with “flipping the lens” from the traditional inside-out, customer-service driven focus to an outside-in, empathy-driven customer experience focus. Join this session to understand the eight critical areas to address in your customer experience transformation. Deb Smallwood will share SMA's latest research on customer experience investment, maturity, and adoption; highlight use cases; and conclude with a call to action.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Analyzing Claims

April 7, 2020

Mild traumatic brain injuries are frequently seen in litigation. This session will explain the categories of TBI and review the medical prognosis as outlined in the research literature. It will also provide suggestions on how to evaluate and document TBI claims as well as how to spot red flags.

How Transformational Technology is Changing the Role of the Underwriter

April 8, 2020

Transformational technologies, including machine learning, chatbots, document intelligence, data prefill, aerial imagery, new user interfaces, and advanced analytics, are drastically changing the role of the underwriter and creating incredible opportunities for improved speed, precision, and insight for underwriting decisioning. Join this session to hear more about this tremendous shift and hear use cases of insurers that are benefitting from AI in underwriting today.


April 9, 2020 | Expires April 9, 2023

This course will explore the role of the board regarding oversight of a company’s readiness for a cyber breach. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Operations & Insurance module.

Adjusting the Lens on Property and Casualty Claims

April 9, 2020

Claims is likely the area of the property/casualty insurance business destined for the most transformation. The digitally connected world has generated new customer demands, new digital content, new and expanding ecosystems, and the need to operate in a real-time world. This session will explore how new insurance products, new opportunities for partnerships and technologies such as drones, machine learning, chatbots, robotic process automation, and the internet of things are creating significant implications for claims. It will also outline the limitations of approaching claims transformation from the traditional inside-out perspective and discuss the new lens insurers are using to achieve optimal outcomes.

Taming the Email Beast – Key Strategies for Managing Your Email Overload

April 2, 2020

Busy professionals are buried under a continuing stream of useful and useless email. Without a system for getting “control of the beast,” professionals spend much of their work – and personal – time spinning their wheels. If you would like to get control of your email “beast,” you should attend this program led by Randy Dean, author of the Amazon bestseller “Taming the Email Beast.” Randy shares strategies for effective email management, organization, and prioritization that have helped thousands of business professionals regain control and sanity with their email activities Enhance your email productivity and efficiency with today by walking away with immediately usable tips and techniques.

Outlook on the Property/Casualty Industry

March 26, 2020

This session will provide an overall economic outlook of the property/casualty insurance industry. This session will include a high-level look at industry trends and disrupters. The always-popular Robert Hartwig, Ph.D., will provide important insights that will help you manage your company’s risk.


March 12, 2020 | Expires March 12, 2023

This course will dive deep into how to read, understand, and analyze the financial statements necessary to run a successful mutual insurance company. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Finance & Accounting module.

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Expires March 10, 2023

In the wake of high-profile investigations of certain institutions into the alleged concealment of child sex abuse or other abusive conduct, various states have passed or proposed passage of so-called "reviver statutes", which establish a "look back window" in which lawsuits can be filed that would otherwise be barred by a statute of limitations. Recently, "reviver statutes" have become a favored method for permitting victims of sexual abuse to assert claims based upon abuse that occurred many years ago against bad actors or the organizations that allegedly harbored, employed or supervised them. The revival of such claims can generate unanticipated long-tail exposure for organizations and their insurers, and therefore bears close monitoring. Indeed, the “wave” of reviver legislation recently passed in various states, and the “look back” window created through such legislation, has resurrected thousands of claims against insured entities that were previously time-barred and can now be pursued by victims or alleged victims of sex abuse. This session will discuss reviver statute developments, the claims and litigation activity in various states that have opened “look back” windows, and the potential insurance exposures that arise from legislation of this kind.

411 Webinar | 2020 NAMIC Claims Survey – Results and Trends

March 5, 2020

Gain insights into the latest claims trends in the property/casualty industry during this webinar. Jeff Rieder, a partner at Ward Group, will review results from the 2020 NAMIC Claims Practices/Productivity & Innovation Survey, which was highlighted NAMIC’s recent Claims Conference, and reveal how insurance companies are adapting to growing challenges in claims operations.

411 Webinar | Property/Casualty Compensation Survey

February 26, 2020

Attend this 411 webinar to learn how the Property/Casualty Compensation Survey will empower your company to update and improve its compensation plans and better compete for top talent. Kaitlyn Isley of McLagan, NAMIC’s partner in this initiative, will provide an overview of survey’s data points and deliverables. She will also offer data-collection tips and show you how to get the most out of the 2020 survey.


February 13, 2020 | Expires February 13, 2023

This course will provide an understanding of the current legislative and regulatory arenas as they relate to the mutual insurance industry. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Operations & Insurance module.

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Expires January 13, 2023

Insurers have long been a critical component of our country’s financial services industry. And like other sectors of the industry, insurers recently have become increasingly dependent on technology and electronic data, including highly sensitive business and consumer data. For obvious reasons, insurers are at increased risk of cyber-attacks, data breach, and other cyber mishaps. Given the seriousness of these risks to the US economy and individual consumers, regulators and law makers – beginning with the New York State Department of Financial Services – are now zeroing in on the insurance industry’s cyber security practices and procedures. This webinar discusses the current state of cyber laws and regulations impacting the insurance sector and provide practical advice on achieving compliance and mitigating cyber risks.


January 15, 2020 | Expires January 15, 2023

This course will provide an overview of the procedures needed to hold a proper board meeting. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC elective or maintenance credit in the Management module.

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Expires January 13, 2023

It is here. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on January 1, 2020. The most comprehensive privacy legislation to date in the United States imposes robust obligations on businesses across the country who collect information from California consumers. While the effective date of the CCPA is here, the law continues to evolve meaning that compliance efforts for businesses are far from over.


Expires January 1, 2023

This course will provide a high-level focus on how an insurance company works, including the importance of reinsurance. By the end of this course, attendees will have a basic understanding of insurance company operations (insurance principles; how a mutual insurance company works; difference between stock and mutual companies, etc.) and reinsurance (definition of reinsurance; importance of reinsurance; how reinsurance works, etc.). This webinar qualifies for one core credit in the Operations & Insurance module and is required for those working toward the FMDC designation.


Expires January 1, 2023

This course will provide a high-level focus on the board’s role in managing risk and evaluating growth. By the end of this course, attendees will have a basic understanding of enterprise risk management (definition of enterprise risk management; how to identify and measure risk exposure; risk profile; impact of HR and employment practices on company’s risk, etc.) and evaluating company growth (board’s role in evaluating growth and setting growth policy; geographic risk concentration; growth impact on surplus, etc.). This webinar qualifies for one core credit in the Operations & Insurance module and is required for those working toward the FMDC designation.


Expires January 1, 2023

This course will provide a high-level focus on insurance accounting principles and the investment process. By the end of this course, attendees will have a basic understanding of insurance accounting (premium accounting, assets and liabilities, earned/unearned premium, financial metrics, etc.) and investment management. (role of the board in the investment process, governance challenges in overseeing an insurance investment portfolio, sound investment policy, etc.). This webinar qualifies for one core credit in the Finance & Accounting module and is required for those working toward the FMDC designation.


Expires January 1, 2023

This course will provide a high-level focus on audits, committee responsibilities, and rate-making fundamentals. By the end of this course, attendees will have a basic understanding of insurance audits and the importance of an audit committee (common risks within the core operating cycles of an insurance company; tips to maximize the value of interactions among the board, management, and service providers; role of the audit committee; etc.) and actuarial work (process of determining the adequacy of a mutual’s rate levels; data elements necessary for calculating rate indications; difference between overall indications and setting rate relativities on different classes of business; major components and processes in developing a basic rate indications assessment, etc.). This webinar qualifies for one core credit in the Finance & Accounting module and is required for those working toward the FMDC designation.


Expires January 1, 2023

This course will provide a high-level focus on governance practices and board responsibilities. By the end of this course, attendees will have a basic understanding of corporate governance (what it means for mutual company directors; governance benchmarking; articles of incorporation and bylaws; committee structures, etc.) and the role of the board (fiduciary responsibility as a board member; role of director versus role of manager/CEO; understanding the balance of corporate resources/finances and board decisions; D&O and E&O exposures, etc.). This webinar qualifies for one core credit in the Management module and is required for those working toward the FMDC designation.


Expires January 1, 2023

This course will provide a high-level focus on two key board planning responsibilities. By the end of this course, attendees will have a basic understanding of strategic planning (its importance; role of enterprise risk management in the planning process; components of a viable, sustainable plan; strategic plan incorporation, etc.) and succession planning (definition of succession planning and its relevance to an organization’s present and future; role of the board in overseeing a systemic approach to succession planning for both the board and management, etc.). This webinar qualifies for one core credit in the Management module and is required for those working toward the FMDC designation.


December 12, 2019 | Expires December 12, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will understand what is involved in mergers and consolidations, explore the reasons for considering a merger, discuss the terminology and steps involved, and learn the importance of outside expert advisors. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Management module.

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Ransomware: Avoiding a Hostage Situation

December 11, 2019

Ransomware attacks are surging and ransom amounts are getting larger. If infected, ransomware can immediately shut down your business by blocking access to your networks and critical data. Join our webinar to learn about how ransomware is deployed, the latest variants, the damage it causes, and the most effective ways to protect your business from being a ransomware victim.


November 14, 2019 | Expires November 14, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will understand the importance of the board's role in evaluating company growth potential and goals, discuss the potential of new business versus current book of business, explore the impact on surplus and effect on ratios, and more. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Operations & Insurance module.

Claims Foundations – Improving Outcomes

November 13, 2019

This session will wrap up the Claims Foundations Series by exploring how adjusters can become better at what they do and will include a discussion about improving communication skills and recommending continuing education. Attendees will learn how to identify personal skills and abilities that can be enhanced or improved, understand how to communicate more effectively in claims situations, and learn how to formulate a process for continual improvement. This session is part of the foundations series and teaches foundational skills for those new to the industry or a claims role.

Claims Foundations: NEGOTIATING

November 12, 2019

Negotiating skills are one of the most important areas for claims professionals. This session will analyze how various approaches can impact outcomes. Attendees will learn how to identify the goals of all parties in the negotiating process, develop a path for effective negotiation, and construct negotiation strategies based on the leverage held by all parties. This session is part of the foundations series and teaches foundational skills for those new to the industry or a claims role.

411 Webinar | 2019 Q2 PIPES report – Low Yields Forever – Is Europe Like Japan?

November 7, 2019

Join experts from New England Asset Management as they explore highlights from the latest NAMIC PIPES Report, an investment benchmarking resource for members. The presenters also will provide insights on how historically low yields are affecting the global economy and the property/casualty insurance industry.

Improving Selection to Accelerate Commercial Auto Profitability

November 6, 2019

For the 200-plus writers of commercial auto in the U.S., the combined ratio remained flat in 2018 at an unsustainable 111. Ten percent of all carriers write slightly more than one-third of the net premium dollars ($11.6B), with an aggregate CR of 98.1. Historically smaller carriers outperformed in commercial auto, so what's going on? These carriers aren't achieving this volume with specialty underwriting. The answers appear to be in their ability to leverage agent and broker expertise for improved selection. This session will dig into several books of business and explain why frequency and severity aren't moving despite the agents' belief they are sending us the best business.


November 5, 2019

Fewer than 20 percent of CFOs say their organizations are investing in new technologies to enhance the efficiency of their financial processes. For auto insurers, this limits the potential to elevate the policyholder experience. When companies cling to outdated methods of claims payment, it results in a highly fragmented policyholder experience. It also adds unnecessary administrative costs. During this presentation, the speaker will explore ways to modernize the claims payment process from start to finish — significantly reducing costs while improving the policyholder experience.

Claims Foundations: Reserving

October 31, 2019

Setting appropriate reserves is both a skill and an art. This session will discuss the how and why of reserve setting. Attendees will learn how to state reserves based on the facts and application of coverage to the ultimate value of the case, identify processes for setting accurate reserves, and weigh the importance of reserves to actuarial analysis, rate making, and overall profitability of the company. This session is part of the foundations series and teaches foundational skills for those new to the industry or a claims role.

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Don't Get Hooked: Protecting Against Social Engineering and Phishing Scams

October 30, 2019

Social engineering/phishing are the most common cause of a data breach and these attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated and harder to spot. Attackers use phishing emails and other social engineering techniques to steal login credentials, compromise a victim’s network, steal money, and deploy ransomware. Join Erich Falke to learn about social engineering/phishing, how to spot a social engineering scam and how to protect your employees from falling victim to an attack.

Cyber, EPL and Menacing Small Business Liabilities

October 24, 2019

Businesses of all sizes in every industry are growing more aware and more concerned about cyber risks. Dealing with viruses that shut down systems or employees being duped into paying fraudulent invoices via sophisticated email scams are troubling organizations from coast to coast. On another front, the #MeToo movement is raising awareness and concerns about harassment at work among employees and employers in every sector. This session will discuss how employment practices liability insurance can help address these issues.

Equipment Breakdown in the Modern World

October 23, 2019

Today’s modern economy is driven by businesses that are increasingly reliant on evolving technology. Technology trends such as miniaturization, portability, the internet of things, and cloud computing are creating different, costly, and complicated new risks for business owners. This presentation will explore these trends and the impacts on equipment breakdown exposures on all types and sizes of businesses, including retail, service, and manufacturing. Equipment loss examples involving these technologies and industries will be shared. This presentation will also look at how the insurance marketplace has recently begun to embrace these exposures by offering new coverage solutions. This presentation will be available as part of both the Underwriting and Claims series.

Litigation Management

October 22, 2019

This session will analyze processes for improving outcomes when litigation occurs and will include management of defense counsel through hands-on support of the defense strategy. Attendees will learn how to identify defense counsel appropriate for the type of loss and coverage involved, develop a panel of defense attorneys, and apply defense strategies appropriate to the jurisdiction. This session is part of the foundations series and teaches foundational skills for those new to the industry or a claims role.

Loss Cost Recovery

October 17, 2019

This session will focus on reclaiming dollars after a loss, including subrogation, salvage recovery, and third-party involvement. Attendees will learn how to develop facts that will support a theory of liability resting with another party, pursue subrogation effectively, and obtain funding through salvage disposal processes. This session is part of the foundations series and teaches foundational skills for those new to the industry or a claims role.

411 Webinar | NAMIC’S New Claims Practices & Productivity Survey

October 16, 2019

Join experts from Ward Group as they explain NAMIC’s newest benchmarking initiative designed to help member companies improve their claims processes and staff productivity. During this webinar, the presenters will explain how NAMIC members can participate in the survey and what data will be covered in the final reports, which will be delivered in January 2020. The Claims Practices & Productivity Survey will examine not only how property/casualty insurance companies are running their claims departments, but also how they plan to adapt to changes sparked by new technology and other disruptors in the insurance marketplace.

Technology and the Law – Emerging Technology Trends and Potential Personal Liability

October 15, 2019

The proliferation of technology, the use of social media, and the interconnectivity of technology create new exposures for the average homeowner. What are the potential liabilities and legal risks for homeowners as these technology trends continue to emerge and develop? How will these trends shape customers’ expectations for personal insurance and their insurance relationship? This session will provide insights regarding the important questions surrounding emerging technology trends and personal liability.

FMDC WEBINAR | Board Evaluation

October 10, 2019 | Expires October 10, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will understand the need to conduct board evaluations, discuss the process to evaluate the board and follow through on the results, learn how to determine if your board is ready, and explore the benefits of utilizing outside resources. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Management module.

Enterprise Risk Management

October 9, 2019

Enterprise risk management is an aspect of daily management life that can be of significant value to all companies; therefore, it is important that company leaders understand it. This session will explore what ERM is and how it came about. It will also provide insight on why ERM sometimes fails, the role of the board, how ERM is governed within an organization, and the view of ERM by A.M. Best. The session will finish with 12 actions boards and management can take to strengthen an ERM program. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Operations & Insurance module under the course name Organizational Risk Management.


October 8, 2019

From farming to aerospace, every business today uses technology integral to business operations. The rapidly emerging proliferation of technology, the use of social media, and the interconnectivity of technology create new exposures for business. What are the potential risks/liabilities as these and other technology trends continue to emerge and evolve? How will these trends shape businesses’ expectations for commercial insurance coverages and their insurance relationships? This session explores emerging technologies and the legal risks and opportunities they present for insurance companies in commercial lines to consider. This session will be available as part of both the Underwriting and Claims Series.


October 3, 2019

Insurers face an increasingly aggressive market environment, as attorneys and resourcing issues are driving severity within claims departments across all lines of business. To experience optimal performance, aligning performance measures and effectively managing data across service, quality, and process are more important than ever. Aon Inpoint’s claims group will show participants how to successfully leverage data in a balanced scorecard approach to improve adjuster performance by focusing on operational, quality, and customer service key performance indicators. Additionally, the presenters will explore emerging Insurtech and Artificial Intelligence solutions that are addressing gaps in the claims handling process to improve performance.

Using IoT to Reduce Risk

October 2, 2019

Internet of Things is quickly becoming an important tool to mitigate the frequency and severity of property/casualty insurance perils, especially those causing extensive damage and business interruption. Sensor technology and smart devices are being leveraged to identify potential threats and risks that can cause business interruption and claims. But how can insurers harness the power of IoT, especially if they are unfamiliar with the technology? This session will show types of IoT hardware, software, and smart devices designed specifically to help mitigate risk. The presenter will also discuss how claims data can be used to identify and pinpoint specific groups within an insured’s book of business that have a higher risk factor. Attendees will learn how different types of IoT programs provide different results, and the factors insureds should consider when choosing a program. This presentation will be available as part of both the Underwriting and Claims series.

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Compliance Webinar | Compliance Modernization

September 17, 2019

The pressures are mounting for Chief Compliance officers of insurance companies from both internal and external sources. Increasing regulatory mandates, perpetual talent squeezes, mounting demand for increased cost reductions, and a growing need for additional capacity for new and emerging risks and regulations are challenging insurance companies. To thrive and take the lead, business leaders need to address issues head-on.

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Be Golden in the Golden State: Complying with the CCPA

September 12, 2019

Be Golden in the Golden State: Complying with the CCPA The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the most comprehensive consumer privacy legislation in the United States. Effective January 1, 2020, the CCPA applies to businesses that collect personal information from California consumers and creates significant new consumer privacy rights. If your business collects personal information from Californians, chances are the CCPA applies to you and you’ll therefore need to understand the new law and establish internal procedures for compliance. Watch now to learn more about the details on CCPA including the legislation background, the new individual rights created by the CCPA and what you need to do to comply!

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September 12, 2019 | Expires September 12, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will understand the changing technology needs and competitive environment for property/casualty insurers, explore the evaluation of technology needs and current capabilities, and identify ways in which the board can evaluate success and provide management with appropriate levels of technology support/guidance. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Operations & Insurance module.

How to Protect Your Company from Class Action Regulatory Risk

September 11, 2019

You've just settled a market conduct investigation expecting that these issues were behind you, when you were notified of a class action addressing the same alleged violations. Conversely, the class action is over, but your sigh of relief is disrupted when the regulator comes calling asking questions. Unfortunately, market conduct examinations and class action litigation are often managed in isolation, without considering the implications of one versus the other. Regulatory action creates material class action exposure and, conversely, class action exposures creates material regulatory risk. Join this session to hear from experienced insurance class action lawyers and insurance market conduct practitioners on how to protect your company.

Claims Foundations | Combating Insurance Fraud

September 10, 2019

This session will examine the pervasiveness of insurance fraud and how the adjuster can assist in combating it. Attendees will learn how to analyze new techniques, the tools available to adjusters, how to recognize fraud indicators, define investigation that may become necessary, develop a process for reducing fraud, and assist in criminal prosecution. This session is part of the foundations series and teaches foundational skills for those new to the industry or a claims role.

Financial Statement Analysis

September 6, 2019

This session will focus on three key financial reports: the income statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement. The presentation will dive into the key components of each and discuss the role each plays in understanding a company’s financial results. Along the way, this session will look at some of the major differences between statutory and GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) accounting and explain how an individual policy makes or loses money. Finally, the presentation will finish with the 10 things boards should be looking for in their financial statements. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Finance & Accounting module under the course name Understanding & Analyzing Financial Statements.

Underwriting Analytics and Keys to Success

September 5, 2019

Leveraging analytics in the underwriting process is a necessary tool and is not only table stakes for organizations but can also be a key differentiator. However, leveraging doesn’t always require the best analytical models to be successful; a key success factor requires an ability to execute on the insights from those analytics across various organizational dimensions. This session will discuss the broad nature of being successful in deploying analytics.

Emerging Risks in Equipment Breakdown

September 4, 2019

As new technologies aimed at increasing efficiencies and functionality within the insurance industry are introduced, many contain sophisticated controls or mechanisms that increase the complexity and vulnerability to equipment breakdown. To best provide a potential or existing insured with the right equipment breakdown and property coverages, insurers must be able to identify potential pitfalls and create solutions to them on the basis of their customers’ level of risk complexity. In this session, attendees will be introduced to three emerging issues relative to underwriting equipment breakdown coverage across a broad cross-section of industries and services. This presentation will be available as part of both the Underwriting and Claims series.

The Power of Using Unstructured Data and Big Data in Claims

August 15, 2019

There are years of insurance insight, rules, and data locked up in unstructured or semi-structured formats. Emerging technologies and big data are making this data accessible, interrogatable, and actionable for carriers of all sizes. The session will focus on research, progress, and case studies of successes and lessons learned around the use of unstructured data and big data analytics in the property/casualty claims industry.

A Pragmatic Look at Emerging Technological Trends and the Impact on Underwriting

August 14, 2019

There is no question, risks are getting more complex and the time frame in which organizations must respond to those risks is compressing. If you’re not prepared, emerging risks can interrupt or destroy your organization’s strategy. Organizations must build resilience and prepare to respond to the opportunities that these risks bring. To accomplish this, it is important to explore these risks as they unfold and develop a proactive strategy to respond. This presentation describes emerging technological risks that property/casualty insurance underwriters should consider such as artificial intelligence; digitalization of insurance; Blockchain; telematics; IoT devices; and silent cyber exposures. Learn how you can evaluate these emerging risks to develop proactive strategies by applying a simple framework.


August 8, 2019 | Expires August 8, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will understand the need for investments, the use of stocks and bonds, the importance of investment managers and policy, and more. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Finance & Accounting module.

Know Your Driver – Commercial Auto Lessons Learned

August 7, 2019

Commercial auto hasn’t been profitable in years; however, it can become a strong performer. It’s time to ditch a strict reliance on the traditional commercial auto approach and implement a new strategy that gives you greater and more accurate insights on individual drivers and the businesses they represent. Attend this session to learn how using better data and analytics can revolutionize commercial auto risk assessment and improve overall profitability.

Investigation Techniques

August 6, 2019

This session will discuss how the successful adjuster approaches investigation of each claim in the context of the real world of time and quality pressures. By participating in this session, attendees will learn how to apply investigative techniques in variable and unique claim situations, recognize when more in-depth investigation is necessary, and develop processes so that sufficient investigation is conducted that leads to claim resolution. This session is part of the foundations series and teaches foundational skills for those new to the industry or a claims role.

The Rise of Factor Investing for Insurers

July 25, 2019

Equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been at the core of insurance portfolios for years, offering accessible market cap-weighted indexes. This webinar will explore the ways in which insurers have led implementation of equity-factor strategies and exposures.

Building a Diverse Board

July 24, 2019

It is no secret regulatory oversight and personal choice are driving mutuals to examine the composition of their boards. In an industry where most directors remain in their positions long-term with little turnover, how can diversity initiatives take hold? This session explores trends in mutual board composition and discusses how mutuals can work towards creating a more diverse board.


July 23, 2019

Indexing continues to evolve the $38.5 trillion fixed-income landscape for all institutional investors. This webinar will discuss methods of investing and building efficient portfolios through an understanding of indexed bond funds as well as the future of fixed-income indexing.


July 18, 2019

Designed for those new to claims adjusting, this session will focus on what is expected of adjusters when investigating and adjudicating claims. Attendees will learn how to define the work of an adjuster, compare and contrast the adjuster’s function to the activities of others within the company, and understand what skills and abilities are necessary to succeed in a more challenging world.


July 17, 2019

Distracted drivers injure more than 1,000 Americans every day. Consumers, insurers, and original equipment manufacturers are increasingly aware of the epidemic but lack adequate tools to combat it. This session will share the latest findings on the impact phone use has on distracted driving risk and how nudging self-awareness can be used to improve engagement and safety – and the bottom line. It will also explore the psychological factors that make distracted driving so difficult to change and will other cover driving behaviors to paint a picture of the true risk of a driver.


July 16, 2019

Insurance companies around the world are rapidly embracing Exchange Traded Funds strategies. The number of insurance ETF adopters in the U.S. has more than tripled over the last two-and-a-half years. This growth has been fueled by both equity and fixed income ETF allocations, which have allowed insurers to leverage low-cost, easy-to-access, market-cap-weighted exposure. This webinar will explore industry and company level insights into portfolio construction using index-drive investments. BlackRock’s insights stem from modeling 500+ company balance sheets and more than 800,000 CUSIPS, which collectively represent more than 90 percent of the total U.S. insurance industry.

Building Successful Collaboration Between Insurance Marketing & Underwriting

July 15, 2019

Insurance marketers exist in a challenging and dynamic environment, seeking to strike the elusive balance between sales quotas and underwriting expectations. Join this session to learn key findings of the recent LexisNexis study of insurance marketers, underwriters, and product managers from top personal lines carriers that will provide unique insights into the opportunities that exist for greater collaboration throughout the policy life cycle.

Key Topics and Current Trends in Commercial and Non-Standard Auto

July 10, 2019

This session will provide background on the underwriting challenges of commercial auto and non-standard auto insurance. The presenters will describe factors that contribute to the declining profitability of both lines of business, review factors that contribute to loss severity and frequency in both lines of business, describe how regulation, legislation, and technology affect the profitability of CA and NSA, and describe how new technologies are or can be used by insureds, underwriters, and risk management and claims professionals to improve performance and user experiences.

The Claims Analytics Advantage

July 11, 2019

Seeing claims like everyone else doesn’t provide an advantage but zeroing in on the most complex claims and taking action early can. Analytics-driven insights can help claims professionals identify key segments and proactively apply resources to higher-risk claims — right from the start — to achieve cost and efficiency gains, fast. Many organizations are gaining a competitive advantage from such tools as workflow automation and predictive analytics, using them to ensure consistency in execution and to achieve desired outcomes. This session will provide insight on how to utilize claims analytics to improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Contractor’s E&O: Opportunities, Threats, and Exposure

July 9, 2019

Unintentional loss arising from faulty workmanship, the use of defective materials, and improper design can pose significant financial risks to reputable contracting insureds. Traditional insurance programs typically do not provide coverage for such exposures and, for various reasons, insureds too often fail to secure the coverage solutions available in the market to address these exposures. This session will provide an overview of the current contractor’s errors and omissions market, affirm the need for contractors E&O coverage, include a discussion of contractors E&O exposures, address the coverage commonly provided, and outline how the contractors E&O and commercial general liability coverages routinely interact.

Personal Lines Coverage Gaps Created by Motorized Vehicles

June 25, 2019

Auto policies primarily cover vehicles designed for use on public roads, leaving a host of other types of motor vehicles that may or may not be covered by homeowner’s policies, including scooters, Segways, personal mobility vehicles, “Barbie cars,” and riding lawn mowers. This webinar examines these and other motorized vehicle exposures and reveals potentially serious coverage gaps that many consumers and insurance professionals may not be aware of.

Drones and Image Analytics for Claims

June 20, 2019

Carriers are increasing their use of drones and image analytics to adjust claims and respond to catastrophic events. This session will discuss several of these applications, how they integrate into the current claims process, the implications for adjusters, and potential issues that are arising in the market as a result of their use. This session will also discuss expectations for future applications and the resulting impact on the industry.

U.S. Insurance Company Investment Portfolio Threats and Opportunities in a Dislocated Global Economy

June 19, 2019

The U.S. economy has continued to exceed expectations for profitability and growth due mostly to tax reform and regulatory relief. However, are global concerns from Brexit, rising rates, growing Chinese debt levels, emerging market dislocations, tariffs, and the ever-present Trump tweet being properly discounted in the capital markets? The speaker will discuss Conning’s views of how these important global economic trends may come to shape U.S. fixed-income markets and insurance company portfolios.

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More Than AOB Reform Marks Positive 2019 Florida Session Outcome

June 18, 2019

The Florida legislative session ended on May 4th and a number of important bills were passed affecting P&C insurers that do business in Florida. This session will discuss autonomous vehicles, scooters and micromobility devices, texting while driving, civil remedy notices and appraisals as well as other issues that are being addressed by new laws in the state.

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The Search for Yield Diversification and Total Return

June 18, 2019

Join us for this educational session as experts from Aon’s investment teams will share asset class views and highlight investment strategies that property/casualty insurers in the U.S. and Canada could use to increase portfolio yields, diversification, and total returns. This session will cover the teams’ latest thinking on a diverse range of investment alternatives with a focus on private markets, such as direct lending, private equity, and real assets investment strategies. It will also include perspectives on the risk-return expectations and the typical implementation options to consider for the strategies that are discussed.

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Records Retention for Insurance Companies – Keeping Records for the Right Period of Time

June 12, 2019

This session will review the basics of record retention, the reasons behind establishing a retention program, the types of records that should be maintained by insurance companies, the scope and nature of legal research for retention, the step-by-step process for developing a program, and successful implementation strategies.

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Cyber Outlook: Farm

June 11, 2019

Today’s farm is “not your grandfather’s farm.” Smart devices have had positive impacts on farming in terms of increasing productivity, understanding climate changes, and adapting to a farm’s environment. Furthermore, the business and family sides of farming have embraced the connected world. This session will look at the implications of the connected farm from a cyber-threat perspective. It will explore how ransomware, vandalism, social engineering, and cyberbullying could threaten the existence of someone’s agricultural livelihood. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Operations & Insurance module under the course name Emerging Risks.

Proxy Practice

June 10, 2019

Proxy practice and proxy solicitation are some of the more mysterious issues in the mutual insurance industry. While significant rules and requirements for stock insurers exists, there is little to no statutory or regulatory guidance for proxy practice for mutuals. As a result, there are differing practices across the country, with most simply doing what they have always done. This session explores such proxy practices used by mutuals, discusses what options to consider, and explores the pros and cons of continuing with current practices in wake of the industry changes and the rise of policyholder activism.

3D Printing and Disruptive Technology – Are You Ready?

June 7, 2019

The future is now – is your company prepared? This session will review the latest developments in 3D printing, the internet of things, and other disruptive technologies. The speaker will provide insight on how to conduct an annual checkup to evaluate these risks and explain how to implement operational practices to stay ahead of emerging technology. Whether you think of yourself as a tech junkie or you’re still playing your old LPs, this will be a fun and enlightening session about some big changes coming to our industry.

Cyber Outlook: Personal Lines

June 6, 2019

Cyber risks have moved beyond the business world and are now invading our personal lives as well. This session will discuss the risks and realities of personal lines cyber exposures. It will touch on the current risk landscape, the evolution of insurance products in the market, and the corresponding risk management tools. It will explore important topics such as cyberbullying, ransomware/extortion, social engineering, phishing, and virus and malware attacks.

EPLI Market Outlook: Opportunities, Threats, and Exposures

June 5, 2019

From retaliation to #metoo, from “ban the box” to wage-and-hour disputes, employment practices issues affect every employer in one way or another. This session will look at several recent legal, social, and legislative movements in the employment practices liability space and the insurance market’s reaction to them. The session will also touch on risk management techniques insureds and carriers can use to mitigate exposure to current EPL claims trends.

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Surviving the AOB Hurricane

June 4, 2019

After insurers have been battling many years of increased litigation costs associated with the practice commonly known as “Assignment of Benefits,” the Florida Legislature recently passed meaningful reform to address the abuses associated with AOBs.

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Exchange Traded Funds: Expanding Investment Opportunities for Insurance General Accounts

June 4, 2019

This session will explore the driving factors behind the insurance industry’s increasing use of exchange-traded funds as tools within general account portfolios. It will provide in-depth details on insurance-specific ETF use cases derived from statutory filings and survey-based insights from a recent study on the topic.

Attacking the Emerging Risks within Your Book of Business

May 23, 2019

The only constant is change. Keeping up to date with familiar hazards, let alone emerging risks, is daunting. Individual risks at a location level might not cause huge concerns but spread over an entire book can lead to company-killing loss experience. How can you stay ahead of this changing environment? This session will focus on the latest trends and emerging risks within the property/casualty insurance industry, as well as provide insights into how entities are tackling the problems. Key sources for keeping abreast of emerging risks and strategies will also be shared.

FMDC WEBINAR | Past, Present, and Future of the Farm Mutual

May 23, 2019 | Expires May 23, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will explore the history of farm mutuals, take a closer look at how they are operating today, and identify ways in which they can succeed and thrive in the future. This webinar qualifies for one credit in Operations & Insurance module.

Cyber Outlook – Commercial Lines

May 22, 2019

Whether a company is a one-man shop or on the Fortune 500 list, it is not immune from today’s cyberthreats. Social engineering, cyber vandalism, ransomware, and many others have had devastating impacts on many businesses. This session will delve into the ever-changing cyberthreat landscape of our increasingly connected world. It will also look at the evolution of insurance products in the marketplace, which are changing as fast as the very threat vectors they seek to protect.

Policyholder Activism

May 16, 2019

Board members of mutual insurance companies have fiduciary duties to act in the best interests of their members when providing direction and oversight to the mutual – and that duty is to the membership as a whole, not just one member or a small group of members. What happens if one member has a different view of the future of the mutual? What happens if someone buys a policy today with the sole purpose of intentionally causing disruption tomorrow? Is your company prepared? Is this really happening to mutuals? This session will discuss issues surrounding policyholder activism in mutuals and how companies can succeed while acting in the best interests of the membership as a whole.

Avoiding the Depreciation of the Labor Litigation Trap

May 16, 2019

When asked the question of whether labor is subject to depreciation in the same way as materials, some might be inclined to say “no.” By framing the question this way, the trial bar has developed a cottage industry around class action lawsuits in which insurers calculate actual cash value by applying depreciation to an entire damaged item such as a roof or a deck-. This session will help claims professionals understand this emerging exposure and revise their adjusting practices to reduce this risk.

Using Artificial Intelligence in Underwriting: A Practical Guide

May 15, 2019

There’s no doubt about it, Artificial Intelligence is going to significantly change the way we underwrite. However, AI may sound obscure to many of us and without much practical application in today’s underwriting practices. Join this session to learn about the insurance industry’s journey to modernize its underwriting processes. Discover how using big data and AI together can help grow your book, reduce expense, minimize loss, and provide a modern, near real-time customer experience.

Mutual Investment Portfolio Analysis: Risk Sensitivities and Risk Drivers Across the Mutual Industry

May 14, 2019

This session will provide an industry analysis of mutual investment portfolios with consideration for their relative risk posture given how portfolio composition has evolved post-financial crisis. This examination will highlight current portfolio sensitivities in mutual portfolios relative to other insurers and propose investment solutions given these risks.

Keeping an Eye on the Road Ahead: Emerging Risks in the Automotive Industry

May 9, 2019

The automotive industry is facing the biggest upheavals in its history given the trends in electro mobility and autonomous driving. What can insureds do to minimize their risks, and what should insurers bear in mind when insuring these risks? This session will give insight into the emerging automotive issues and showcase how insurers can account for increased car automation in their pricing approach by making use of data to better understand the risk.

FMDC Webinar | Weather Trends

May 9, 2019 | Expires May 9, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will understand groundbreaking progress being made in accuracy of extreme storm warning systems, learn how weather science can be a useful tool for mutual insurers to better serve their policyholders and limit exposure, and explore how to apply this new science to the challenges faced by the insurance industry. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Operations & Insurance module.

Understanding the Unique Aspects of Cyber Insurance Claims

May 8, 2019

The prevalence of cyber coverages offered by mutual insurance companies makes it important to understand the different nature of cyber coverages compared to traditional coverages. An emphasis on incident management and service support is the most meaningful aspect to cyber claims. Claims units servicing cyber coverage need to understand it is not just about writing a reimbursement check but ensuring that policyholders get the help they need from service providers that have the correct skill sets. Time frames are also important since traditional claims responses may take weeks, but cyber timescales shrink to days. This session aims to provide more clarity to the unique aspects of cyber claims.

The Digital Evolution of Property/Casualty Claims

May 7, 2019

Today’s digitally immersed consumers have grown accustomed to interacting with a company anytime, anywhere, and from any device. To supplement these expectations, this new digital land of opportunity enables insurers to leverage data from sources such as telematics, wearable devices, sensors, and GPS. Claims is an especially crucial touchpoint through which insurers can demonstrate their value. Carriers can ensure a positive claims experience and gain internal efficiencies by enhancing the digital capabilities that underpin this interaction. This session focuses on the impact of digital in insurance claims and provides insight on key elements of digital claims evolution.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing for Insurance Companies

May 6, 2019

Environmental, social, and governance factors are being advocated by some insurance regulators as a better way of measuring the sustainability and impact of an investment to a company or business. Former California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones was the leader of a multi-state effort that administers the NAIC Climate Risk Disclosure Survey, and he launched the California Department of Insurance Climate Risk Carbon Initiative requiring the reporting of fossil-fuel investments held by insurance companies. Insurance regulators in California and five other states – Connecticut, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, and Washington – mandated completion of the survey by insurers. A new global sustainable finance group at Fitch Group will review how ESG factors are incorporated into the credit rating process. This session will explain what the ESG factors are, why they are considered important, and the different ways insurance companies can address ESG factors in their investment portfolios.

How to Win in Today's U.S. Commercial Lines Market

May 1, 2019

While underwriting returns, expense efficiency, and asset management contribute to overall performance, winning companies tend to pull away from the pack based on their underwriting process. Intense competition and technological advancements have raised the bar on what constitutes an underwriting advantage. Companies will need to use technology and analytics to seamlessly and efficiently channel expertise from critical functions in making sound underwriting decisions. In this session, attendees will learn what techniques and tools are available and how to use them to get ahead in the ever-changing commercial lines market.

What is a Mutual Holding Company — Reorganizations

April 30, 2019

What was once only a consideration of mutual life insurance companies, the mutual holding company structure is now a growing trend for property/casualty mutual insurance companies of all sizes. This session will explore what a mutual insurance holding company is, why property/casualty mutuals are opting for this structure, and if the structure should be a topic of conversation in your boardroom.

Managing Insurance Assets — A Balanced Approach

April 25, 2019

Insurance entities typically require a great deal of customization because of their unique business considerations such as lines of coverage, short-/medium-/long-tail mix, severity vs. frequency, management, and the board’s risk appetite, along with regulator and ratings agency considerations. Therefore, effective investment management of insurance entities requires a thorough understanding of both sides of the balance sheet. Nuances behind each of these issues must also be considered. This presentation will explore each of these topics to help the audience appreciate the complexities involved in managing insurance assets and the myriad of issues that must be addressed by the asset manager.

Small Company Operations & Compensation Survey — 2018 Data Kickoff

April 24, 2019

Have you thought about benchmarking your compensation levels but don’t know where to start? Attend this webinar to learn about the Small Company Operations & Compensation Survey, a unique NAMIC survey, sponsored by Grinnell Re, that can help small mutual insurance companies discover if they are offering competitive pay and if their financials and board operations are on par with their peers. Brian Snyder, NAMIC’s marketing manager for products and services, will walk you through the data-entry process and review the reports and how they can be used effectively. This webinar is designed for NAMIC members who have not participated in the survey before or those who would like a refresher on entering their data and pulling reports.

Using Predictive Analytics to Enhance a Fraud Detection Program

April 24, 2019

This session will discuss the application of predictive analytics in identifying suspicious claims and how this approach can be implemented with a smaller number of claims than one might think. Through multiple detection methods, companies can use their specific claims experience to improve the effectiveness of industry fraud detection models.

Emerging Insights and Fraud Trends

April 23, 2019

It’s more critical than ever to leverage large, industry-wide data sets to uncover emerging trends that are driving fraud risk and impacting your book of business. This session will explore the latest trends based on industry consortium data and explain what investigators can derive from the trends. It will focus on new data insights that are particularly valuable to special investigation unit leaders in adjusting strategy to enhance operations. It will explore how to allocate appropriate resources, including investigators, to develop action plans for companies to stay ahead of the ever-changing fraud trends.

Establishing a Foundation for Successful Innovation Efforts

April 19, 2019

Insurance innovation programs are more than idea campaigns and updating technologies. The most successful programs rely on a foundation that includes critical elements such as a corporate mandate that addresses why a company is innovating, management input on what business models and technologies a company will and will not pursue, and an understanding of the forces that are shaping the insurance industry of tomorrow. With a solid foundation, an innovation system makes it possible for a mutual insurance company to implement a repeatable and consistent process for identifying and evaluating opportunities and developing new products, services, and capabilities for growth. This session will provide insight into how companies can establish a foundation for successful innovation efforts.

What’s Happening in M&A and the Board’s Role in M&A Activity

April 18, 2019

Mergers and acquisitions — and affiliations — activity is again heating up in the mutual insurance industry. This session will kick off with an update on M&A activity in the industry. It will then provide important insights on what board members should be aware of, including the impact a combination with another mutual can have on a company and the structural options that are currently available for mutual insurance companies. Our presenter will also explain how each structure will impact mutuals differently, and explore the discussions taking place in mutual boardrooms across the country as boards address their role in the process.

Reinsurance 102 — Common Treaty Reinsurance Terms and Conditions

April 17, 2019

Reinsurance 101 is recommended as a prerequisite for this session This session is intended to introduce those inexperienced in reinsurance to common treaty reinsurance terms and conditions that impact the interpretation of coverage. It will also cover common obstacles to identifying and securing the reinsurance asset. Upon completion of this session, participants will have working knowledge of the key treaty terms and conditions and know how they impact cessions and challenges in processing and collecting reinsurance.

Claims Management: The Next Generation

April 16, 2019

While the insurance industry has experienced significant changes the past 10 years, it still lags behind other industries in the adaptation of technology. However, with changes in customer demographics and the rapid expansion of insurtech, the industry is set to experience revolutionary change in the next five years, and the role of the claims adjuster will ultimately have to evolve and adapt. This session will explore the next generation of claims management and the future role of the adjuster.


April 11, 2019 | Expires April 11, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will understand mutual company differences, rules under which companies operate, the importance of committee structure and how board responsibilities equate to certain financial liability issues. This session will also explore director duties, fiduciary/legal duties, conflict of interest and liability exposures. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Management module.

Wildfires in the Western United States — Is this the New Normal?

April 10, 2019

The impact of wildfires will be felt for years as the events have created changes in legislation, regulation, and the ways in which insurers should view wildfire risk. This session will explore the reasons for the increased wildfire losses in 2017 and 2018 and the lessons the insurance industry should learn from the devastating events.

Underwriting Series: Emerging Issues: Resource Scarcity, Weather & Climate

April 9, 2019

This webinar will explore the emerging risks of resource scarcity and climate and weather events. The first half of the webinar will focus on the potential impact of rising sea levels on claims and how climate change could be exacerbating regional meteorological events. The second half of the webinar will focus on the potential effects of water scarcity on food production and power generation. Our speakers will then dive deeper into how resource scarcity may lead to civil unrest and a potential disruption of business operations and supply chains.

Innovation Miniseries | Executing a Pilot or Proof of Concept with Startups

April 8, 2019

This webinar will focus on how insurers can more efficiently engage with startups in a pilot or proof of concept. It will explore how to quickly assess the potential fit and value of a technology innovation and provide a process for collaborating without wasting time and resources.

Claims Excellence — Evolve Beyond Auditing

April 4, 2019

What lies beyond claims file auditing? It involves engaging leaders and team members, adopting best practices, eliminating walls and silos between staff, and redefining roles and accountability. In this session, attendees will learn how an organization evolves beyond claim file auditing and how a rebranded audit process leads to improved outcomes and a culture shift within the organization.

Weathering the Retirement Storm — How to Effectively Manage the Underwriting Cycle

April 3, 2019

Many insurers are proud of their relationships between their management and underwriters and their agents. However, as underwriting and distribution workforces age into retirement, carriers will no longer be able to rely on such relationships to alleviate gaps in their underwriting capabilities. This amplifies the need to ensure that underwriting strategies, operating models, and supporting processes/technology are tightly aligned. An insurer’s underwriting capabilities should be at a level of maturity appropriate to its strategy and governed in such a way that it can be sustained as the underwriting and distribution workforces change over time. In this session, attendees will learn how to keep underwriting processes consistent through the retirement storm.

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Practical Compliance Guidance — Data Calls and Statistical Reporting

April 2, 2019

Join Geoff Baker, NAMIC’s director of compliance, and Jeff Patterson (Director of Membership) and Theresa Szwast (President & CEO) from NISS, the National Independent Statistical Service, as they discuss best practices and provide practical advice designed to assist compliance personnel tasked with responding to data calls or statistical reporting.

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Investment Opportunities & Challenges on the Horizon Webinar Series | Next Generation Investing for Mutual Insurance Companies

April 2, 2019

How might the traits of millennials and Gen Z alter how mutual insurance companies view and manage their investment process? In this informative session, speakers from Strategic Asset Alliance and Vanguard will analyze the developing demographic changes, as well as the regulatory and technological trends, that will impact the asset allocation decision-making and investment process of mutual insurance companies. The speakers will review recent regulatory changes that are opening more efficient investment choices for mutual insurers.

Reinsurance 101 - Part 1

March 28, 2019

This session is intended to introduce those inexperienced in reinsurance to its basic concepts, enabling them to define the purpose of reinsurance, identify the different types of reinsurance commonly purchased, understand how the transactions are structured, understand how the relationships between the parties to the reinsurance agreement work, and determine the scope of coverages and basic calculation of cessions. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Operations & Insurance module under the course name Reinsurance.

Outlook for the P/C Industry - Trends, Challenges & Opportunities

March 27, 2019

This session will provide an overall economic outlook – current and future – of the insurance industry, the United States, and the world. This session will also include a high-level look at industry trends and disrupters. The always-popular Dr. Hartwig will provide important insights that will help you manage your company’s risk.


March 14, 2019 | Expires March 14, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will understand the current legislative arena and implications of tax reform and its effect on the insurance industry. This session will explore different taxation options and challenges as well as how the IRS reviews legislation and activity of small insurance company taxation. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Finance & Accounting module.


February 14, 2019 | Expires February 14, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will receive a high-level understanding on numerous human resources issues. Topics may include attracting talent, understanding the current and future labor markets, and managing generational shifts. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Operations & Insurance module.


January 10, 2019 | Expires January 10, 2022

As an attendee of this webinar, you will learn the importance of investing in leadership development skills for company staff and leaders. This presentation will cover developing skills for healthy conflict resolution and will explore the question, “Cost or Critical Investment?”. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Management module.

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Rate Making for the Non-Actuary

November 14, 2018

Join Sheri Scott, a fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and principal, consulting actuary at Milliman, who will provide an overview of how to create insurance rates, consider regulatory requirements, develop filing support, and file the rates for approval with state regulators.

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FMDC WEBINAR | Role of the Audit Committee

November 8, 2018 | Expires November 8, 2021

As an attendee of this webinar, you will gain an understanding of the importance of the audit committee, including its role, charter, steps to formation and committee composition. This webinar qualifies for 1 FMDC credit in the Finance and Accounting module.

Emerging Challenges in Cyber Regulation and The Impact on Mutual Insurance Carriers

October 17, 2018

Technology and information security issues have moved to the forefront when it comes to the known risks faced by businesses. With ever-increasing legislation at the state, federal, and international levels – all of which will directly impact the operations of mutual insurance companies, their vendors. and their commercial insureds – it is more important than ever for insurers to be aware of both the increased technical and legal risks as well as the potential opportunities that these ever-expanding sets of cyber- and data-security laws bring. We will discuss the role that state laws have played in filling the vacuum left by a glaring lack of federal action. In addition, we will discuss the many ways in which growing international regulations are impacting U.S. businesses and how to consider their applications, even if you never considered your business to be international in nature.

Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series | Blockchain - Where We Were Then and Where We Are Now?

October 16, 2018

Webinar Description: Bruce Adams, senior vice president at Swiss Re America, will give a brief history of blockchain, talk about its various stages in innovation and its applications available today, and share case uses that give a glimpse of the technology's full potential. Bruce has been involved in Blockchain technology for the last two years. He is a member of Swiss Re's Global Blockchain Working Group & Swiss Re's Americas Blockchain Exploratory Group. He has presented on bitcoin & blockchain extensively over the last year and a half.

FMDC Webinar | Mergers/Consolidations — Financial Implications

October 11, 2018 | Expires October 11, 2021

As an attendee of this webinar, you will review different types of consolidations, study the financial implications of each, and better understand what financial questions to ask as a board member. This webinar qualifies for 1 FMDC credit in the Finance and Accounting module.

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Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series | Transforming the Customer Experience: Digitalization of Insurance for Small and Midsize Businesses

October 4, 2018

This session will go into detail about the opportunity to reinvent small to midsize business's insurance experience through digitalization. As illustrated by a shift toward automation and greater use of the online channel in sectors such as banking, bringing the insurance experience online represents a progression toward a more accessible and transparent customer interaction with the product. A key goal of the insurtech players working with the SMBs segment is to make the experience from purchase through to servicing and claims painless and transform it from transactional based to relationship based.

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October 5, 2018

When it comes to your company's digital strategy design, you want to make sure you are using the right channels and technology to reach your target audience. Join Chris Paradiso to learn where you should - and might not need to - invest your resources to get the exposure and growth you're looking for.

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FMDC Webinar | Succession Planning

September 13, 2018 | Expires September 13, 2021

As an attendee of this session, you will develop an understanding of what succession planning is, the role of the board in overseeing the process, and the importance of written plans for succession of directors, officers and managers as well as requirements/evaluation of key positions. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Management module.

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Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series | How Technology has Transformed the Customer Experience

September 12, 2018

The customer experience is always evolving, and we'd like to take the time to discuss how technology can help you live up to your customers' expectations. Join Chris Paradiso to learn about some of the best customer experience tools. You'll also learn how your organization can receive more reviews online, how to survey your customers to see how they feel about their experience, and how to receive more referrals for your company in the long run.

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HR Webinar Series | Got Contracts? Current Trends in Employment Agreements

September 11, 2018

Employers’ use of various employment agreements is facing more challenges than ever. Several states have enacted laws barring enforcement of certain noncompete agreements as a violation of public policy. The Defend Trade Secrets Act was enacted and impacts employers’ use of nondisclosure agreements. Corporate raiders challenge no-solicitation agreements. A key is understanding why you want what you want. Join this interactive session as we compare and contrast various types of agreements and the purposes they serve. We’ll also discuss tips for shaping an agreement that advances your business needs without creating unintended consequences.

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Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series | Key Trends in U.S. Property/Casualty Insurance and The Implications for Your Current Strategy

August 28, 2018

This session will focus on illustrations of where we are in the underwriting cycle highlighting specifically the clear need for underlying product innovation and areas where market changes are likely to emerge. The session will further highlight potential non-traditional disruptors including broader application of securitization through alternative capital as well as Insurtech, which is understandably excited by the opportunity to enhance efficiency indicating a $2 trillion opportunity over the last decade. The landscape is changing quickly and the need to understand / adapt / address these threats is urgently upon us.

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HR Webinar Series | Workplace Harassment, Incivility, & Bullying

August 28, 2018

In the summer of 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission published guidance suggesting employers reboot their harassment prevention training programs and turn the dialogue to discussions of workplace civility and respect. Since then, we’ve seen an explosion of sexual harassment claims — from the halls of Congress to halls of Hollywood — giving birth to legislative action to enact even more stringent laws. Join this interactive session as we review the EEOC’s 2017 charge statistics, national trends in harassment charges, and the EEOC’s Promising Practices for employers to prevent workplace harassment.

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HR Webinar Series | Marijuana in the Workplace

August 14, 2018

Across the nation, we see three primary trends related to laws addressing the use of marijuana: (1) legalization, (2) decriminalization, and (3) legal use of medically prescribed marijuana. Each has potential or actual implications in the workplace and to employers’ related policies, practices, and programs. Join this interactive program as we compare and contrast pitfalls to avoid and talk about proactive practices, including a Top 10 list of workplace implications of these legal trends.

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What’s App With That? — App Development and Implementation

August 9, 2018

Apps are designed to engage with users. Implemented correctly, an app can help keep customers and potential clients interacting with your brand in a way that is positive and engaging. In this session, we will explore the rapid growth of technology and develop an action plan for building a web application that’s easy to discover, install, and use. You’ll also take an in-depth look at the target audience to allow you to design a custom app optimized for user experience.

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FMDC Webinar | Catastrophe Modeling Impact to Reinsurance

August 9, 2018 | Expires August 9, 2021

As an attendee of this webinar, you will receive an overview of the intricacies and difficulty in modeling the severe thunderstorm peril. You will develop a better understanding of how data is being used in catastrophe modeling, which tools are utilized by companies to assist modeling severe thunderstorm risks, how the risk in small companies impacts the reinsurance purchase, and more. This webinar qualifies for 1 FMDC credit in the Finance and Accounting module.

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Technology & Changing Distribution Models

August 1, 2018

This session will provide an assessment of insurtech opportunities, technologies, and approaches from a carrier's point of view, with specific attention given to the impacts of emerging tech on product development and changing distribution. Will Thorne is responsible for the innovation initiatives of SCOR's Lloyd's syndicate, Channel, including new product and distribution development. Channel's Innovation team looks at how new thinking and new technology can help insurance respond more directly to the problems that our clients face, using a collaborative approach to product development. Will joined the Channel Syndicate in 2012 following three years spent at Omega Insurance and has an underwriting background in a variety of different classes. He is also involved in several insurtech industry initiatives, including sitting on the UK Treasury/Tech City Fintech Delivery panel.

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Employee Where Art Thou? Trends in Paid Leave Mandates

July 31, 2018

While legislation at the federal level stalls, states and local jurisdictions are enacting paid and unpaid mandates upon employers to provide employees with time off from work for a variety of reasons including sick, family, and parental leave; military and jury service leave, and more. Join this interactive program as we talk through a comparative review of the legislative trends and recent laws that have been enacted. We’ll also go over how employers should prepare to shape these important public policy issues and give tips for preparing to comply with new mandates.

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Economic and Capital Markets Update: The Later Innings

August 1, 2018

Join Jim Kennedy, former CEO of Ohio Mutual Insurance Group and NAMIC board chairman, and Vin DeLucia, NEAM chief investment officer, for an economic and capital markets update. Looking at the United States, capital expenditures have re-emerged and the labor market continues to strengthen. However, security packages are getting weaker and loan covenants are lighter. BBB corporate bonds are at a new high as a percentage of the overall investment grade in the corporate bond universe. Student loan debt has eclipsed $1.6 trillion, which, for comparison, is about two-thirds of Italy’s outstanding debt. Add in the ongoing geopolitical tensions and investors have more to be concerned about than meets the eye. This webinar will walk you through the good and the bad and help you grapple with what is going on in capital markets and what this means to your business.

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Meeting Customer Needs Through Insurtech: New Opportunities for Insurers

July 24, 2018

Insurtech is the rapidly expanding development and application of new technologies and operating models to fundamentally change current business models, financial models, and/or industry ecosystems. New investments are attracting significant venture capital and spawning new business models that use technologies to change how the industry operates. In this webinar, Mike Fitzgerald, CPCU, senior analyst at Celent, will provide an update of what is happening in insurtech and will share some practical examples of how the insurance ecosystem is changing.

Expectations, Oversight, and Evaluations for Board of Directors

July 18, 2018

C.J. Rathbun of First Consulting & Administration, Inc., will offer ideas and best practices for mutual insurance boards of directors to better align regulatory expectations, company expectations, and board expectations. This webinar will explore oversight perspectives encapsulated by the phrase “hands on, fingers off.” The session will also cover annual board self-evaluations, which can offer additional insight into continuously improving oversight of a company.

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July 19, 2018

With the NAIC’s 2017 adoption of its new Insurance Data Security Model Law, and its recent enactment in South Carolina, insurers should be reviewing the legal requirements of the model and begin developing policies, procedures, and forms to ensure that your company is in compliance.

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July 17, 2018

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, has migrated quickly from the factory floor to the office. Insurance companies have joined other financial services companies in taking advantage of this relatively low cost, quick to deploy technology. It offers opportunities to reduce the frictional cost of administration throughout the value chain, but especially in the middle and back office. In this session we will look at the RPA technologies available, what to consider in evaluating use cases, and best practices in getting this technology to work for you.

FMDC Webinar | Marketing

July 12, 2018 | Expires July 12, 2021

As an attendee of this webinar, you will learn how to create a marketing plan and develop an understanding of licensing, advertising, marketing representatives, and more. This webinar qualifies for 1 FMDC credit in the Operations and Insurance module.

Product Innovation to Tackle Evolving Risks

July 12, 2018

Rapid technological advances and further globalization make the risk landscape increasingly complex. Moreover, understanding the new landscape can be difficult because insurance has typically looked backward to predict the future. Past trends may no longer be reliable predictors of tomorrow, so more innovative tools are needed. To that end, the Liability Risk Drivers model is one of the ways Swiss Re is better predicting the future using cutting-edge data analytics.

Case Study: e2Value and Willis Tower Watson and the Structure Insurance Score

July 10, 2018

This session will take a deep-dive look at the partnership between e2Value and Willis Towers Watson, specifically focusing on the resources the organizations have dedicated to the partnership. One of the achievements of the partnership is the recently developed Structure Insurance Score. The score measures risk inherent to a property insurer based on several unique characteristics of a home or building - ones typically outside traditional rating characteristics. Attendees of the session will not only learn more about the score and its advanced uses of data analyzation, they'll learn about how the companies' shared goals and innovative partnership led them to success.

Harnessing Ambient Data

June 14, 2018

Connected cars, Internet of Things, and other new data sources pose challenges and opportunities to make insurance more precise, personalized, and convenient. In this session, we will cover the sources of meaningful data and their impacts to insurers and consumers.

Six Key Decisions on the Path to Innovation

June 7, 2018

A big reason that so many insurance companies struggle starting innovation systems is quite simply because they’re not quite sure how to start. Invariably, they discover surprising bends in the road along the way and often say: “I wish I’d have known ahead of time that X was going to happen.” The real problem with some of these issues is the decision that seems intuitively correct is often not the best way to go. However, this does not become evident for quite some time, potentially derailing innovation during the correction process. This webinar will review 6 key decisions that senior executives will encounter as they launch and then manage and systematic approach to innovation.

Integrating Telematics Data in Claims for Immediate and Future Value

June 5, 2018

The North American insurance market is adopting telematics and is interested in learning about its value proposition beyond usage-based insurance. Telematics data delivers a lot more value to insurers, including a significant reduction in the average cost of claims as well as the ability to combat fraudulent claims and streamline crash detection processes for greater accuracy and improved data combination techniques that optimize data from individual resources. Telematics speeds up the entire claims process, and the sooner an insurer begins doing so, the lower the average claims cost — we’ve seen time to close reduced by more than 50 percent.

Telematics: The Top 5 Opportunities and Challenges for Insurers

May 23, 2018

Most large insurers continue to iterate and expand their telematics offerings. Viable solutions have made it easier for mid and small carriers to dive in. This session will focus on what is working well, what roadblocks currently exist, and what a roadmap is likely to look like in the future. In particular, we’ll highlight the role of insurers in identifying and reducing distracted driving.

Case Study: Partnership of Munich Re and Plug and Play

May 22, 2018

In this session, attendees will learn about what makes a good innovation and technology partner. Bob Mozeika with Munich Re and Ali Safavi with Plug and Play Tech Center will share how carrier partners can best identify what is needed to make a successful partnership and gain the most value out of the accelerator. Attendees will understand the value add benefits of joining an accelerator and how they can apply this to their current business models.

Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series - Digital Disruption

May 17, 2018

Everyone has heard about digital disruption, even if only because their local Blockbuster was put out of business by Netflix. However, Digital means different things to different people, and comprises a host of underlying technologies, including cloud, mobile and social. At its most transformational it represents a change of business model rather than a change of technology.

Insurance Innovation Myth Busting

May 16, 2018

One of the biggest myths about innovation is that it is only relevant to or within reach of the largest insurers. The reality is that innovation is size agnostic. There not only is a need for innovation at companies of all sizes, it is do-able by companies of all sizes. And the opportunities for smaller carriers to leverage innovation to become giant slayers are real. This webinar will look at common assumptions about what a company needs in order to innovate and tackle them one by one. It will also provide examples of innovation success at comparable organizations.

FMDC Webinar | Strategic Planning/Establishing Financial Goals

May 10, 2018 | Expires May 10, 2021

As an attendee of this webinar, you will develop a better understanding of key financial ratios and key performance indicators, analyze company trends, identify strategies to reach goals, and more.

Thriving in the Digital World - New Trends in Core System Transformation

May 8, 2018

Digital transformation is essential for insurers to be able to compete in today’s market. Modern policy, billing, and claims systems are indispensable to that transformation. Insurers are rethinking how core systems can support their businesses in sales and service in the digital age. Join Karen Furtado to discuss how core systems are evolving and expanding and learn about new trends such as microservices and how the sophisticated use of APIs can help insurers thrive in the digital world.

Case Study: Sensor Technology and Innovation Through Partnership

May 3, 2018

This session will offer insights into the evolving nature of innovation and disruption impacting the property/casualty industry. It will provide perspectives on the focus and future opportunities of the growing investments in insurtech. We will dive deep into the top disruptive technologies facing mutual insurance companies, the disruptors on which venture capital managers are focusing, and the effective responses to address challenges.

How Insurtech Can Benefit the Small or Regional Mutual

May 2, 2018

In this session, Bob Mozeika with Munich Re will identify how large disruption is impacting the regional insurer. Attendees of this session will understand how emerging technologies can help with small incremental improvements and changes in processes to support efficiencies in the regional insurance business model.

Blockchain and the Institutes RiskBlock Alliance

April 19, 2018

Blockchain is a new technology that has the potential to transform many sectors of the economy, including insurance and risk management. This webinar will outline the basic concepts of blockchain and introduce an insurance-specific consortium named RiskBlock that is developing blockchain applications for the industry.

A new Age of Insurance - Digital Insurance 2.0

April 17, 2018

Change is being forced on insurers whether they like it or not. Several of the orthodoxies traditionally underpinning the industry are being challenged and disrupted. Customer expectations are increasingly being set by unrelated or adjacent industries. Technologies allow startups to compete using customer centricity, as opposed to products, as their value offering. And a new insurance paradigm is being crafted regardless of whether incumbent insurers choose, or are able, compete in a new digital era.

Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series - Creating a Culture of Change

April 11, 2018

Join this session for an inside look at how Grange Insurance has taken an inclusive approach to developing a culture of innovation. With multiple distinct awards for its innovation efforts under its belt, the company was also the third insurance carrier nationally to have an Alexa application. It recently launched a new mobile application that was built and deployed within 90 days. And it is now a corporate sponsor of the nonprofit startup accelerator, Fintech 71. Tim Cunningham, vice president and chief information officer with Grange, will lead a highly informative session outlining some of the company’s key philosophies that led to its recent success in technology and innovation. Recognizing that change is hard and innovating within an industry that is naturally risk adverse is even harder, this session will give you fresh perspective on how you can bring innovative thinking into your own company’s philosophy while sharing some do’s and a few don’ts from Grange’s own experience.

Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series - The Future is Fearless

April 10, 2018

The Future is Fearless. The insurance business model has remained largely the same over the past 200 years. Simply enough, it's capital, placed against risk, in the form of tailored products, sold through channels to customers, to generate returns for the company. Except everything about it is undergoing dramatic changes. This session will explore the explosive trends that are putting the insurance company in a position for unprecedented change. Rather than admiring the disruption facing today's companies, this session will help to chart the course to future by focusing its participants on what is required to compete and win.

Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series - How Insurers of all Sizes Can Take Advantage on Insurtech

April 4, 2018

Most insurtechs offer opportunities – chances for insurers to partner with them, license technology, or simply learn from them – rather than threats. Most insurers will face disruption from startups only if their competitors choose to embrace a technology that they themselves do not. But how can insurers that don’t have the budget for venture funds or innovation labs take advantage of these new innovations, both internal and external to the insurance industry? No company can leverage every innovation in an effective way. The goal is to understand the marketplace and make decisions that will have the most impact on your lines of business.

Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series - Insurtech: The Current State and Future Direction of Insurance Product Startups

March 28, 2018

This session will expand on the disruptive forces impacting the insurance industry and share new trends and technologies that will help transform the insurance industry as well as identify key players that are driving this change. Currently, a large sector of innovative developments is focused on improving the customer experience including the quoting, servicing, and claims process. Attendees will be able to identify the value these digital trends can bring to mutual insurance companies and their customers.

Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series: Insurance in Transformation: Implications for Regional/Small Insurers

March 21, 2018

Half of all insurers claim they are in transformation mode, responding to new demands in the digital, connected world. Insurtech, emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence, and data in the digital world are all forces driving industry change. Mark Breading will discuss what these trends and forces mean for the mutual environment, especially for companies that are regional or state focused.

Insurtech & Innovation Webinar Series: Innovation and Disruption Impacting the Property/Casualty Industry

March 15, 2018

This session will offer insights into the evolving nature of innovation and disruption impacting the property/casualty industry with perspectives on the focus and future opportunities of the growing investments in insurtech. It will dive deep into the top disruptive technologies facing mutual insurance companies as well as the disruptors on which venture capital managers are focusing, and the effective responses to address those challenges.

FMDC Webinar | Board Recruitment

March 8, 2018 | Expires March 8, 2021

As an attendee of this webinar, you will gain a high-level understanding of the important tools needed to recruit quality board members with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This webinar qualifies for one FMDC credit in the Management module.


January 11, 2018 | Expires January 11, 2021

As an attendee of this webinar, you will receive a high-level overview of the adjusting process and develop an understanding of catastrophe management, determination of values, depreciation, bad faith, fraud, claims audits, and documentation. This webinar qualifies for 1 FMDC credit in the Operations and Insurance module.

FMDC Webinar | Reinsurance

November 8, 2017 | Expires November 8, 2020

As an attendee of this session, you will learn the importance of reinsurance, understand the costs associated with reinsurance, develop an understanding of the reinsurance partnership, and more. This webinar qualifies for 1 FMDC credit in the Operations and Insurance module.