September 19-22, 2021 | Virtual

Committee Members

Because the safety and well-being of event attendees is of utmost importance, NAMIC is actively monitoring COVID-19 information from the most authoritative and responsible sources. We will make event-related decisions based on these organizations’ information and recommendations. All events with in-person offerings will also have virtual offerings and flexible cancellation policies to allow for adjustments in travel plans due to COVID-19.

While it is unclear how long company travel restrictions will last, social distancing will be practiced, and other effects on event attendance will continue in response to this outbreak, our hope is to be able to provide you with the opportunity to gather together again in person as soon as it is safe to do so. We will provide regular updates on event status and provide ample notice to adjust travel plans.

Please refer to event registration confirmations and event registration pages for our cancellation policy if you decide to cancel attendance at any NAMIC event for personal reasons. If you are not able to join us, you will be able to access all presentations virtually. We appreciate your understanding.

NAMIC values member involvement so this event, like all events offered by NAMIC, has been developed with member input from dedicated volunteers.

Bob M. Zak
President and CEO
Merchants Mutual Insurance Company

Steve C. Sliver
Mutual Benefit Insurance Company

Past Chair
Randy Druvenga, PFMM
First Maxfield Mutual Insurance Association

Brad Fortner, PFMM, FMDC
Farmers Protective Mutual Insurance Company

Ron Mead, CPCU, LLIF
Vice President, Sales and Distribution
FBL Financial Group, Inc.

Marty Arnold
Senior Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer
SECURA Insurance, A Mutual Company

Buren E. Jones, CPCU, J.D.
Vice President and General Counsel
Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

Paul Stueven, PFMM, FMDC
CEO and Treasurer
Fairmont Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

Michael Strakhov
Executive Director, Insurance Lending
Live Oak Bank

Marg Torrance
President and CEO
Halwell Mutual Insurance Company

Lindsay DiGangi, CPCU, ARM
Business Analyst
Pennsylvania Lumbermans Mutual Insurance Company

Sarah Spivey
Director, Training and Development
Germania Farm Mutual Insurance Association

Christine Clark
Assistant Manager/Underwriter
Heartland Mutual Insurance Company

Chuck Chamness
President and CEO

Crista Hassett
Vice President – Event Operations

Christy Hall
Meeting Manager

Mackenzie Westgate
Senior Meeting Coordinator


Larry Baile
Assistant Vice President, Convention & Association Services