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Audra Carrel

Audra Carrel
NAMIC Public Affairs
Assistant Vice President - Marketing & Communications Technology

Telephone: 317.876.4265


The NAMIC logo is a key component of the Association’s brand, and is a registered trademark. As such its use is protected, and may only be used by permission. Public Affairs is responsible for enforcing any and all uses of the logo.

Only the Association has unrestricted authority to use the logo, in such a manner as is consistent with the official Association brand standards.

Members of the Association are encouraged to state in written and digital communications that they are a “Member of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies,” but may not use the logo in any application.

Individuals and organizations may be granted by Public Affairs, on a case-by-case basis, one time use of the logo in conjunction with a specific marketing campaign or event presentation to the Association membership. Permission must be requested in writing for each specific use.

In no instance shall the logo be used in such a manner so as to imply or convey the Association’s endorsement of a service, product, or position.