Posted: 10/10/2012

NAMIC In the News

"Steiner awarded $1,000 scholarship..." (; May 22, 2017)

"Proposed NY Rule Would Prevent Auto Insurers From Using Education, Occupation as Rating Factors..." (; May 22, 2017)

"The Legislature stiffed the Florida Chamber of Commerce on one of its top priorities this year — abuse of assignment of benefits agreements ..." (Florida Politics; May 11, 2017)

"Florida Lawmakers Once Again Fail to Pass AOB Claims Reform" (Insurance Journal; May 11, 2017)

"Florida House Passes Assignment of Benefits Bill, but Legislation Faces Senate Obstacles" (AM Best; May 11, 2017)

"Texas bill demands independent survey of auto body labor rates, cracks down on steering" (Repairer Driven News; April 20, 2017)

"USTR Waiting on Lighthizer Before Judging Insurance Deal" (POLITICO; April 18, 2017)

"Businesses Oppose Texas Legislation to Mitigate Hailstorm Claims Litigation" (Best's Insurance News & Analysis; April 4, 2017)

"Politicians tell auto insurers how to price risk - prompts clash with commissioner" (Insurance Business; April 4, 2017)

"Industry to Watch Direction of Innovation Task Force, Address Big Data, Cybersecurity Drafts at NAIC Meeting" (Best's Insurance News & Analysis; April 4, 2017)

"Florida Bill Would Repeal $300 Million Insurance Salary Tax Credit" (Best's Insurance News & Analysis; April 4, 2017)

"Florida Bill Would Repeal $300 Million Insurance Salary Tax Credit" (AMBest via COMTEX; March 22, 2017)

"At NCOIL, State Lawmakers Look to Claw Back Power from NAIC" (Insurance Journal; March 6, 2017)

“Local insurance official working to fight cancer” (The Daily Nonpareil; Feb. 27, 2017)

“Drivers see higher premiums after not-at-fault crashes” (Associated Press, Feb. 27, 2017)

“AOB Abuse in Fla. Reaching Crisis Point” (Carrier Management; Feb. 24, 2017)

“Mutuality as Value Proposition for Millennials” (Carrier Management; Feb. 23, 2017)

“U.S. Mutual Carrier Growth: Hard and Soft Opportunities” (Carrier Management; Feb. 23, 2017)

“Insurers Find Fault With Report Over How Auto Insurers Treat No-Fault Accidents” (Insurance Journal, Feb. 14, 2017)

“Drivers see higher premiums after not-at-fault crashes” (Associated Press, Feb. 13, 2017)

“Insurers Can be Too Risky But Not Too Big: NAIC President” (Carrier Management; Jan. 22, 2017)

“U.S. and EU Reach Agreement on Insurance Regulation” (Insurance Journal; Jan. 13, 2017)

“Munich Re, Insurance Europe welcome U.S.-EU covered agreement” (Canadian Underwriter; Jan. 20, 2017)

"NAIC Brings on Former Penn. Commissioner Consedine as New CEO" (Carrier Management; December 12, 2016)

"The Kind of Car Insurer That Gives Consumers the Best Value" (New York Times; November 18, 2016)

"Black Swans" (Best's Review; published October 2016)

“Industry Balks as Treasury Adopts 2% Formula for Defining Auto Insurance Affordability” (Insurance Journal; published July 15, 2016)

“Proposed Capital Rules Would Reflect AIG, Prudential’s Insurance Identities” (Carrier Management; published June 5, 2016)

“Legislation Would Give States More Disaster Mitigation Funds” (Bloomberg/BNA; published May 11, 2016)

“Push threatens states’ insurers and customers” (Columbia Daily Tribune; published March 13, 2016)

"NAMIC: Don’t let U.S. Insurers Become Collateral Damage in International Capital Standards" (Property Insurance Report; Published December 14, 2015)

"Are auto insurers putting the bottom line ahead of safety?" (WCVB-TV Boston; Published November 4, 2015)

"When Technology and Safety Collide" (AgWeb/Farm Journal; Published October 24, 2015)

"Comparing Mutual to Stock Insurers is Like Comparing Marathoners to Sprinters" (Insurance Journal; Published October 15, 2015)

"Here’s why drone insurance may be the industry’s downfall" (Fortune; Published September 17, 2015)

"Auto insurers accused of pushing cheap and sometimes dangerous repairs." (CNN/AC360; Published February 11, 2015)

"Gun-liability Laws Won't Help" (Providence RI Journal; Published February 23, 2013)

"‘Storm of Money’ Leaves False Impressions by Omitting Facts" (Charleston SC Post and Courier; Published July 5, 2012)

"The Coming Storm in Flood Insurance" (Miami FL Herald; Published May 24, 2012)

"Congress' Inaction puts Flood Coverage in Limbo" (Sioux Falls SD Argus-Leader; Published May 5, 2012)