Utah: Session Ends; AOB Bill is Highlight

March 17, 2020 Utah’s legislative session ended on schedule on March 12, just as state legislatures around the country began considering altering or delaying their proceedings in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The main highlight of session for industry was... Read more

Utah: NAMIC-Supported AOB Bill Given Final Approval

March 3, 2020 The Utah Legislature has given final approval to House Bill 199, also known as the Insured Homeowners Protection Act. Passage of this bill followed several months of work before and during the legislative session, and NAMIC was heavily involved in this.. Read more

Utah: Litigation Lending Bill Advances in Modified Form, AOB Bill Out of Senate Committee

February 25, 2020 The Utah House Business and Labor Committee on Feb. 20 advanced HB 312, a bill to regulate litigation funding in the state. Litigation funding is an increasingly widespread and controversial practice in which third-party investors buy a share of a... Read more

Utah: AOB Bill in Senate; Bill Blurring Commercial, Personal Lines Delayed Again

February 19, 2020 The Utah House has passed HB 199, a bill that addresses assignment-of-benefit abuses for residential repair contracts. The bill would require disclosures of the cost of repairs and an itemized list of repairs, preserve the ability of the insurer and... Read more

Utah: AOB Bill Advances; Bill Blurring Commercial, Personal Lines Delayed

February 5, 2020 The Utah House Business and Labor Committee on Feb. 3 advanced House Bill 199, which addresses assignment of benefit abuses for residential repair contracts. The bill would require disclosures of the cost of repairs and an itemized list of repairs... Read more

Florida: Insurance Bills Already Moving as 2020 Interim Committee Weeks Wind Down

December 10, 2019 NAMIC has been in Tallahassee for the last of six interim committee weeks held since September to prepare for the 2020 legislative session, which convenes Jan. 14, 2020, and will run through March 13, 2020. Many bills of interest to the... Read more

Florida: OIR Issues Guidance Memorandum on AOB Legislation

June 17, 2019 The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has issued Informational Memorandum OIR-19-02M regarding the recently enacted assignment of... Read more

Florida: Assignment of Benefits Bill Signed by Governor

May 29, 2019 Enacted HB 7065 establishes new guidelines regarding post-loss assignments of benefits under residential and commercial property policies. The law also expressly allows insurers to issue non-assignable policies. NAMIC actively supported this bill. Read more


May 24, 2019 It’s been seven long years in the making, but finally, after years of contentious battle, the people in the white hats... Read more

Florida: AOB Reform Bill Sent to Governor

May 23, 2019 Florida HB 7065, long-awaited assignment of benefits reform, was presented to Gov. Ron DeSantis on May 22. He has until June 6 to sign, veto, or allow the bill to become law... Read more

Florida: More Than AOB Reform Marks Positive 2019 Session Outcome

May 9, 2019 The Florida Legislature adjourned on May 4, and the insurance industry came away with more than just a big win on the assignment-of-benefits reform that passed April 24. HB 7065 has an... Read more

Iowa: Assignment of Benefits Restrictions Enacted

May 2, 2019 Enacted SF 412 adds the “Insured Homeowner’s Protection Act” governing the post-loss assignment of insurance benefits to a residential contractor. This was a... Read more

Iowa: Governor Signs Assignment of Benefits Reform

May 2, 2019 Gov. Kim Reynolds on May 1 signed Senate File 412, the bill to protect consumers from the abusive assignment of benefit practices seen in... Read more

NAMIC Responds to Florida Passage of Assignment of Benefits Reform

April 24, 2019 “It’s been seven years of hard work, but today’s passage of assignment of benefits reform legislation in Florida is a major victory for consumers. We are thrilled to see Florida legislators put policyholders first, something that as mutual... Read more

Florida: AOB Bill on Senate Special Order Calendar

April 22, 2019 SB 122 is on the Senate Special Order calendar for Apr. 23. The normal order of business is for questions and considerations of any amendments – if filed – when the bill is taken up. The bill then will be “rolled over to third reading” for debate and... Read more

Florida: AOB Reform Moves Closer to Passage; Auto Glass Sidelined

April 18, 2019 The Florida Senate Rules Committee on April 17 amended SB 122, that body’s assignment of benefits reform legislation, to match HB 7065, which passed the full House on April 11. Despite the removal of auto glass provisions, NAMIC and others registered... Read more

Florida Senate Committee to Take Up AOB Bill

April 17, 2019 The Florida Senate Rules Committee will take up the Senate’s property and auto glass assignment of benefits reform legislation, SB 122, on April 17. Please contact committee members to ask them to vote YES on the bill. Don’t let shady contractors... Read more

Florida: House Approves AOB Reform Without Auto Glass Provisions; Focus Now Moves Back to the Senate

April 11, 2019 The Florida House on April 11 approved on third reading an amended version of HB 7065, which addresses assignment of benefits reform. The bill passed on a 96-20 vote. While House approval is a major step forward on this issue, NAMIC is disappointed... Read more

North Dakota: Governor Signs NAMIC-Endorsed AOB Reform Legislation

April 11, 2019 Gov. Doug Burgum on April 9 signed HB 1219 to protect consumers from the abusive assignment of benefit practices seen in many states. The bill also... Read more

Tennessee: No-Fault AOB Statute Amended

April 9, 2019 Enacted SB 341 eliminates the requirement that property/casualty insurers establish a process to disburse policy benefits jointly to an insured and a health care provider if the policy disallows the insurer's assignment of no-fault medical expense... Read more

Florida: AOB Bill on Special Order Calendar

April 9, 2019 The Florida House on April 10 will take up its assignment of benefits bill, HB 7065, on the Special Order Calendar. If you live in Florida, please contact your state representative to urge him or her to vote "YES" when the bill comes up for a vote... Read more

Florida: House AOB Bill Scheduled for Floor Debate

April 9, 2019 The Florida House will take up on April 10 its assignment of benefits bill, HB 7065, on the Special Order Calendar. A proposed amendment that will be discussed on the floor would require Citizens Property Insurance Corp. to include an exhibit in... Read more

Florida: AOB Reform Heads to House Floor; Scooter Bills Begin to Move

March 28, 2019 In Florida assignment of benefits reform news, NAMIC-supported legislation addressing assignment agreements passed its final House committee on March 28. HB 7065 now heads to the House floor. As prior reports have noted, differences between the... Read more

Florida: House AOB Reform Moves Out of Second Committee Stop

March 21, 2019 The House assignment of benefits reform bill, HB 7065, was approved March 19 by the House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee, marking its second stop in that chamber. NAMIC and others were there to support the measure. Despite the number of speakers... Read more

Florida: AOB Reform Continues to Move

March 19, 2019 The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee’s amendment and approval of SB 122, Sen. Doug Broxson’s AOB reform legislation, met with overwhelming support on March 18, clearing the committee on a 5-1 vote. However, it was a contentious hearing, with... Read more

Tennessee: Session Marches On With Many Insurance Bills Introduced

March 14, 2019 As usual, the Tennessee Legislature has been going about its business in a pretty quiet, measured way since the 2019 session convened in January. NAMIC was a sponsor of the... Read more

Florida: First Week of Session Filled With Plenty of Insurance Issues

March 12, 2019 A major highlight of last week’s official start to the 2019 Florida legislative session was movement on House and Senate AOB reform bills, but there was plenty of activity on other issues of importance to... Read more

Florida: AOB Reform Bills Now Moving in House, Senate; Governor Calls AOB a ‘Racket’

March 7, 2019 During his first State of the State address on March 5, Gov. Ron DeSantis mentioned assignment of benefits abuse and called on the Legislature to address the problem, saying it ... Read more

Florida: Plenty of Activity Already Underway as Official Start of Legislative Session Arrives

March 5, 2019 March 5 may be opening day for the 2019 Florida General Assembly, but a great deal of legislative activity has been taking place since before... Read more

Kansas: Senate Passes NAMIC-Endorsed Assignment of Benefits Bill

March 4, 2019 The Kansas Senate on Feb. 27 passed Senate Bill 78 on a vote of 38-1 to protect consumers from the abusive assignment of benefit practices seen in many... Read more

Kansas: NAMIC Urges Judiciary Committee to Support Assignment of Benefits Reform

February 19, 2019 NAMIC submitted testimony Feb. 19 to the Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee urging the favorable consideration of SB 78, which mandates important consumer protections for assignment of benefits. The bill requires minimum standards for AOBs, including... Read more

Florida: Drama Over AOB Bill Leads to Postponement in First Committee

February 12, 2019 After several workshops, an hour and a half of discussion, debate, and testimony, and after disposing of eight amendments, a vote scheduled in the Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee for Feb. 11... Read more

North Dakota: House Committee Reports NAMIC-Endorsed AOB Reform Bill Do-Pass

January 29, 2019 The North Dakota House Industry, Business and Labor Committee on Jan. 25 voted 13-0 to report HB 1219 “do pass” as amended and send it to the floor for debate. NAMIC is a strong supporter of the bill, which will regulate the activities... Read more

Florida: Legislative Committees Have Busy Week

January 28, 2019 As reported in many Florida media outlets, the Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee on Jan. 22 held a workshop to discuss assignment of benefits and the one-way attorney fee statute... Read more

Florida: Committees Interested in Michael Recovery, Building Code Process

January 15, 2019 Read more

Florida: Senate Banking and Insurance Chair Mentions AOB Reform in First Committee Meeting

January 8, 2019 NAMIC attended the first meeting of the Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee Jan. 7, during the first interim committee week of 2019... Read more

Florida: Committees Discuss Managed Repair, PIP Repeal, Release AOB, WC Reform Bills

November 10, 2017 The Florida Senate Banking and Insurance Committee on Nov. 7 heard from the Office of Insurance Regulation and Citizens Property Insurance Corporation on managed repair programs... Read more

Florida Assignment of Benefits

May 8, 2017 NAMIC is extremely disappointed that the Florida Senate elected not to pass meaningful legislation to address assignment of... Read more